Roku Remote Battery Cover: Types of Battery Covers

Each Roku remote comes with a battery cover. The battery cover serves two purposes: protection and aesthetics.

The Roku remotes are simple and sleek. The Roku company’s designers have carefully crafted an elegant image. However, the opening that contains two multi-colored cells is a distraction from the beautiful design. The Roku remote’s battery compartment has a seamless cover that blends in with its body.

Roku remotes use small batteries, which makes them even smaller. Because they are smaller, it is easier to lose them and harder to find them. The Roku remote’s battery compartment has a seamless cover that covers the contents to protect them and prevent them from falling out.

Roku Remote Battery Cover

Types and types of battery covers

Different Roku models have different remotes with different battery covers. A remote with the model number RC79 is included in a Roku model-name 4230X2. The Roku remote model name is RCO3. The battery covers for RCO3 and RC79 are different. The RC79’s battery cover is a sliding one that can be removed by applying a little pressure. The RCO3 has a latch battery cover. To remove the RCO3’s battery cover, you need to squeeze the latch. Not all Roku remote models come with a different battery cover. Roku remote models RC19 and RC19 have a battery cover that is identical to the RCO3 cover.

Other Roku devices, like RC3, RC19 and RC79 have a different or identical battery cover.

Other Roku remote models include R2, R3, R4, RP4620, and RP4630. Roku Ultra, Roku XD Roku XDS Roku HD Roku Express, Roku Express+ Roku Express, Roku Express, Roku Express+ are all available. RSS3600 and RSS3800 are also available.

Roku remote covers

The Roku remotes are made of a molded plastic known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Surprisingly, this plastic is also used in drain waste vent systems. To mold the plastic into the desired shape for a specific model’s remote cover, heat is applied to it. To make the plastic more durable, a few materials are added to it.

What happens if the Roku remote covers are damaged?

Roku will not replace your Roku remote cover if it is damaged. Roku claims they are a streaming company. They make their remotes and Roku device from third-party manufacturers. The remote manufacturers also refuse to sell replacement remote covers.

If your Roku remote is damaged, there are four options. First, you can buy a new Roku Remote. You can find cheap, high-quality replacements on eBay for your Roku remote if it is an IR remote. A Roku remote can be purchased on eBay for as low as 7-10 US dollars. A brand new Roku remote will cost you between 35 and 40 US dollars, depending on how much you care about it. A Roku remote and device can be purchased for as little as $35 to $40 US dollars.

You can 3D print a remote if you don’t wish to purchase a new one. You can use the Roku mobile app or attach the remote cover using a piece of electrical tape.

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