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Roku App Keyboard Not Working: 5 Fixes

People want to maximise the connection to the keyboard using the USB connection on their Roku devices because it comes preloaded with a broad variety of functions. On the other hand, some individuals find success using Bluetooth keyboard solutions. Having said all of this, if the error message “Roku app keyboard not working” has you in a bind, the solution to your problem can be found in this post. That’s right, we’ve included several troubleshooting solutions in this article, so take that as an answer!

Roku App Keyboard Not Working 1) Roku App

To begin, you can use the official app on your smartphone to control the Roku device you have. This app is provided by Roku. The application has the keyboard built in, but it also includes voice commands that may be used to change the channel. You can utilise either one of these features. It is obvious that you cannot use the voice commands in order to play particular movies, but this is a wonderful function to have if you are unable to get the keyboard to work. The Roku app may be downloaded for free from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

2) Remoku.tv

This web-based application allows for a connection to be made to the Roku device over the local area network. Through the usage of this application, the directional controls on the remote may be repurposed as a QWERTY keyboard. On an iPhone, you can use Safari, whereas Android users should go with Chrome. If the keyboard is not functioning, you may still operate the Roku by entering the IP address into the settings page. This will allow you to continue using the remote control.

3) Restart

You will be able to optimise the performance and fix any keyboard issues. This may sound like a cliche, but it’s true. In this particular scenario, you will need to reset both the remote and the Roku device itself. It is necessary to remove the batteries before you can begin using the remote again. In the case of the gadget that streams media, you will need to unplug the power cord after about two to three minutes and then re-plug it in. You might also try using the remote control with the new batteries that you just bought.

4) Adjusting the Fit

In this particular scenario, you will need to remove the batteries from the remote control, wait for the home screen to load, and then replace the batteries in the remote. However, in addition to that, you will need to press and keep held the pairing button that is located on the battery compartment for around five seconds. When the process of re-pairing is over, you will also notice the light flashing. In order for the remote to successfully re-pair itself, it is possible that you may be need to wait for a few seconds.

5) Wi-Fi Settings

If the wifi connection is not optimum, there is a possibility that you will not be able to utilise the keyboard that comes with the Roku app. When using a 2.4GHz network, you should connect your Roku to the wireless channels 1, 6, and 11 for optimal performance. On the other hand, if the connection problems can be fixed by connecting through the 5GHz channel and your streaming device or remote support the 5GHz band, then you should attempt connecting through that channel.


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