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Playstation vue roku Fast Forward


It is really frustrating when fast-forwarding doesn’t seem to work on your PlayStation Vue. You won’t be able to rewind, and you will have to endure the boring parts of a program.

This is often caused by DVR selections being made instead of the On-Demand programs. This isn’t the only problem.

We’ve looked into several possible causes of the PlayStation Vue fast-forward option being disabled, and have created a list to help you solve the problem.

Vue fast forward problem solutions

Method1: Select the DVR option

PlayStation Vue won’t allow you to fast-forward select programs unless there are contractual agreements with the providers. Fast forward is disabled automatically for On-Demand programs which must display ads.

PS Vue can direct you to the OnDemand version, if you have recorded your program. Here, fast-forwarding is disabled.

This will stop you being redirected.

Method 2: Use your remote to fast forward

Even though your PlayStation Vue does not offer a fast-forward option, sometimes you can still forward your shows. To open your favorite recording, click on it and then push the forward button.

You can also try fast-forwarding on another device if this doesn’t work. If fast forward isn’t working on your Roku device, you might try streaming from your computer.

Method 3 Clear cache

Your PS Vue may be affected if there is a problem with the cache. Restart your PS Vue to clear the cache.

You can force an app to quit, clear its cache, then restart it.

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Method 4: Take a look at the On-Demand copy

Even though this might not be the best choice, it could be the only option if your recording quality is poor. Recording a show towards the end can result in a poor recording.

It will either play the On Demand version or the recorded portion, depending on the availability. You can either record the On-Demand copy or watch it.

Method 5: Verify the restrictions on your DVR

It is possible to try to forward a program that doesn’t allow fast-forwarding on DVR. You won’t be able to fast forward on PlayStation Vue for some channels:

  • FX
  • FOX
  • FXX

These channels can be viewed on other streaming services that don’t have restrictions.

PlayStation Vue makes it possible to create fast-forward commercials

When watching on-demand TV shows on PlayStation Vue, you can’t fast-forward through commercials.

You can quickly forward recordings using the DVR. PS Vue cannot fast-forward certain Fox channels or sports channels.

PlayStation Vue has been a popular streaming service on the market for years.

There are some contractual arrangements that may cause problems, such as the disabled fast forward option. If the problem is caused or exacerbated by other factors, you will find solutions here.


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