One benefit you will get from PlayStation Vue is the ability to record your favorite shows and watch them later. You can even choose which future shows you want to auto-record. PlayStation Vue is a cloud-based DVR that you can access from anywhere.

The service will record any episode that you select under “My Shows” and store it. All your shows will be recorded, regardless of whether or not you’re using a device.

Even if your device has been turned off, your programs will still remain recorded. How can you record on PlayStation Vue

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How to record on PlayStation Vue

Vue allows you to record from a variety of devices, depending on what device it is.

Your computer

Follow these steps if you’re streaming content from a computer.

  • Visit and sign in to your account.
  • Click on Channels.
  • Select your preferred channel
  • Click on the show to be recorded.
  • Click here+ sign under My Shows. This option will enable My DVR’s to start recording the show you have selected in Step Four. The show will be immediately recorded.

Log in to create an account to view the show. Click on My Vue, select the show you would like to see and then play it.

PlayStation 4

You can record Vue Shows to your 4:

  • Open the service menu on the device to access the main screen.
  • You can use the magnifying lenses to find any show that interests you. If you already know the name of the show, it is possible to go directly to it.
  • Use the R1 button to activate My DVR and record the show whenever it airs. The R1 button activates My DVR and records the show whenever it airs.

To open My DVR, click the L1 button after the recording is finished. Click on the L1 button to open My Digital Video Recorder.

Amazon Fire Stick & Roku

Follow the below steps to record PlayStation Vue for Roku and Amazon Fire Stick.

  • To access the main display, use PS Vue to open from your Roku/Amazon Fire device.
  • To search for a specific show, use the magnifying glass. You can directly access the show if you have the magnifying glasses.
  • Use your remote control to push the down button to open the menu.
  • Select My DVR to set your DVR for recording the show when it airs.

To start watching the show, open My DVR once it has been recorded. Roku can also be used to view the show. Simply press the up button using your remote. This will launch My DVR. Then, select the show you want to see and press play.

Amazon Fire Stick owners can choose My DVR via the Menu button on their remote. Select the recording you wish to watch and press play.

Apple TV

These are the steps to record on PlayStation Vue.

  • Open Apple TV to access the main display.
  • Use the magnifying lenses to find any show. You can also visit the show.
  • You can open the menu by touching the remote.
  • Select My DVR to set your DVR for recording the show when it airs.

Follow this guide to watch your recorded show on PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation Vue stores all recorded programs in My DVR. This is also where all your on-demand shows are stored.

Vue searches all channels to find you the episode that you are searching for. These steps will show you how to record on PlayStation Vue.

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