3 Ways To Fix Orbi Satellite Not Syncing Issue

Orbi Satellites are additional devices that are not the router themselves, but they are used to enhance the signal quality, download speed, and coverage of the Wi-Fi network that is provided by the primary router in your home. For the sake of easier comprehension, you can refer to them either as network boosters or Wi-Fi extenders.

Because the Orbi system enables you to have satellites in addition to their routers, you can use it to not only increase the area covered by your Wi-Fi network but also ensure that it has faster speed, improved processing, and a great deal more. In order for the Orbi satellites to function properly, they must be synchronised with the primary Orbi router. Here is how you can get a satellite repaired if you find that it is not functioning properly for you.

Orbi Satellite Won’t Sync

1) Verify That It’s Compatible With Everything

To begin, you need to be aware of something very important, and that is the fact that not all Orbi satellites are compatible with all Orbi routers now available. Simply because a satellite and a router come from Orbi does not indicate that you will be able to connect them to each other, sync them, and get them to function in the most efficient manner possible together. To get the most out of your Orbi router, you will need to check its compatibility often and make sure that any satellites you use with it are also compatible with it. Only then will you be able to ensure that it operates in the most effective manner.

You will also need to check the compatibility of the router with the amount of satellites that you may utilise with that particular router. This is another thing that you will need to check on. If you are attempting to connect numerous satellites to your Orbi router, you may have already reached the maximum connection capacity for the device. Therefore, once you have determined the maximum number of satellites that your router is able to support, you will be able to solve the issue in an appropriate manner.

2) Get the Details in Order

Another factor that can be contributing to the fact that you are unable to synchronise your satellite with the Orbi router is the possibility that you are not configuring the device in the correct manner. You will be responsible for ensuring that the satellite and the Orbi router are linked to one another, either by an ethernet cable or wirelessly, in order for the system to function properly. After that, you will need to simultaneously press the Sync button on both of the devices in order for it to function properly.

In order to establish a wireless connection between the satellite and the primary router that you are utilising, you will need to position the satellite as closely as possible to the primary router. This will ensure that they are able to link correctly, and after that is accomplished, you will be able to install the satellite in the location that you had planned to.

3) Reset Orbi Satellite

Resetting it is yet another option available to you in order to get it to function properly. It is possible that your Orbi satellite is connected to a different router, and that connection could be the cause of the syncing issues that you are experiencing at the moment.

You will need to make sure that the reset button is pressed for 5-10 settings until the power LED on your satellite begins to pulse white. This indicates that your Orbi satellite has been restored to its factory settings, and after this process is complete, you will be able to confirm that it is completely synchronised with your router.

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