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Orbi Satellite Not Connecting


Orbi Satellite Not Connecting To Router: 4 Ways To Fix

Orbi Satellites will give you the best coverage possible for your Wi Fi network. You’ll also enjoy the right speed and performance enhancement.

To have internet access, the Orbi Satellites must be connected to the router. Here are some things you can do to get it working without any errors.

Orbi Satellite Does Not Connect To Router

1 Check out the Power

You should first check the power. Your Orbi Satellite should have the correct power. Check the power outlet, power cord and all other components. Your Orbi Satellite should also be receiving stable power.

This means that you need to make sure the Orbi Satellite is properly connected to the power cord and wall outlet. It is best to remove it, then plug it in properly. This will ensure that it has the correct power and can be connected to the router.

2 Toggle the Power Button

The power button is another thing you’ll need to test. To get the Orbi Satellite to start up, you will need to press the power button multiple times.

This will definitely help you. Once the Orbi satellite is connected to your router, you’ll be able make it work better for signal strength and wider coverage.

3 Reset the Satellite

It is possible that your satellite has been paired with another router.

This is why you’ll need to check on the satellite and reset it. You will need to disconnect the power cord from the satellite and plug it back in. This will help you solve the problem.

4) Sync Button

You will need to press both the Orbi Router’s sync button and the satellites’. Start with the Sync button on your router and hold it for 2 minutes.

You can then press the sync button again on the Orbi Satellite for 2 minutes, until it is connected with the router. This will be very helpful and you should be able to connect the Orbi Satellite to the router in no time.



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