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Oracle Customer Connect – Let’s start with the basics of this topic before we get into the details

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect allows visitors the opportunity to connect and share their goals and objectives. This is a demonstration of our commitment to providing a superior customer experience with Oracle B2C service. Clients can also use it to communicate with each other.

You will find the most recent information on Human Capital Management options. To create a product roadmap, you can also use the Idea Lab to discuss your ideas. For all your advice, this is the place.

How do I access Cloud Customer Connect?

To enroll in a Cloud Client Link Account, you will need an Oracle Account. If you don’t have an Oracle Account, please create one.

Please ensure that your Oracle Account meets the following requirements in order to allow it to be linked to a Cloud Client Link Account.

  • Your Oracle Account email should be written in lowercase
  • Join the Software Forums if you are interested
      • First, you’ll need an Oracle Cloud Software licence.
      • Your Oracle Account should include a domain email address for your corporate email (but not gmail.com and yahoo.com).
  • If you’re interested in connecting Infrastructure forums, the licensing and corporate email requirements do not apply. Use this link

Enhance your Oracle Cloud Customer Connect experience using

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After you have logged in to Oracle Cloud Client Link, go to the landing page. A Community Overview Video will be displayed. You can also find information on how to update and review your Neighborhood Guidelines. You can also customize your home page to build your community.

Accessing Oracle B2C Services For Forums:

After logging in, select Merge in the navigation bar. Customer Experience will allow you to choose a topic from your Oracle B2C Service forum list. The overview of all discussion forums contains the same list.

Your navigation bar, Customer Expertise and B2C services allow you to choose ideas for your Idea Lab.


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