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Optimum Upload Speed Slow


Optimum Upload Speed Slow: 5 Ways To Fix

There are two speeds for uploading and downloading data. Each one is designed for a specific purpose. The upstream connection, for example, is responsible for upload speed while you’re putting something online (sending emails counts). We have the answers to your questions about the Optimum Upload Speed Slow. We have troubleshooting tips that will help you get high-speed uploads back!

Optimum Upload Speed Slow

1 Check The Service Connection

You must first determine if the problem is in your internet service connection. To check your internet service connection, use the speed test and note down the current speed. For optimized file transfers (and high speed), it is usually important to upload at speeds of 1Mbps to 2Mbps.

If the speed test does not show upload speeds as promised by your ISP or subscribed plan, then you should call support. The ISP will conduct a check on your connection and offer possible solutions.

2 Browser

Users who are still using Internet Explorer (aka the stone age) should switch to Google Chrome or Firefox as it has more capabilities. This will increase upload speeds, which promises high-end hightailing experiences. These browsers are able to automatically resolve minor Java issues.

3 Restarting Your Computer

You can restart the computer if there are any issues with Java or the computer. This should work as the computer’s power cycle will allow for easy functionality. After the computer has restarted, you can upload the file using the drag-and-drop applet. To meet your high upload speed requirements, you can also upload files from another computer.

4) Firewalls and Restrictions

Windows users should be aware that there are firewalls built into Windows. These firewalls can negatively impact upload speeds. It is recommended that you temporarily turn off firewalls and then upload the file. The upload speed may be affected if your IT department has placed data caps. You should contact the IT department immediately to resolve the problem.

5) DSL Or Cable Network

People who use DSL or cable internet connections will notice a slower upload speed than their download speeds. It is recommended that you switch to wireless internet connections as they will not only increase the upload speed but also the download speed.


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