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4 Ways To Fix Optimum Packet Loss

Every person on the planet needs an internet connection. This can sometimes become a nightmare when internet service providers do not provide high-quality internet. This can be frustrating because we are so accustomed to using the internet that it seems impossible for us not to use it.

Poor internet performance is often caused by packet loss. This can happen to anyone on the internet and can cause serious problems. We will explain why you may lose your packets and the main reasons, so you can avoid it.

How do you recover optimal packet loss?

Just as every vehicle requires a route for travel, so does internet data. Data travels in packet form. When a packet fails to reach its destination, it is called packet loss. This prevents you from surfing correctly. These are some of the most popular solutions to recovering lost packets.

1. Use Cable Connection

Most often, packet loss happens in WiFi connections. Other electronic devices such as a microwave oven, Bluetooth and other devices can cause this. If you experience packet loss, place the electronic devices at least 40m from your router or use a cable connection.

2. Check your Hardware

Your internet connection may cause packet loss, but not the hardware device. Broken LANs can sometimes cause packet loss. Determine the root cause. To get better internet service, you can replace or repair your hardware device.

3. Restart your Optimum Router

Resetting or restarting your router is one of the best and most efficient ways to recover lost packets. If you use your router continuously, it will stop working in most cases. To recover your packet loss, restart your router.

4. Use the Network Monitoring tool

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause of packet loss. Sometimes it can take hours to find the root cause of packet loss. You can save time by using a network monitoring tool. While they won’t help reduce packet loss, they can help you pinpoint the root cause of your packet loss.


We have presented some solutions to your packet loss in this draft. This article will help you reduce your packet loss to the minimum possible. This article will help you overcome any issues you may have with packet loss. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. We will resolve your issues as quickly as possible.


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