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Optimum Cable Box Error Codes


3 Optimum Altice Error One Codes And Their Solutions


Optimum by Altice, a cable and internet provider serving the New York Tri-State Region, is very popular. The Optimum Altice One app and box allow you to stream video, live TV, and use your phone’s remote control. With a simple click, you can cast entertainment directly from your phone to your TV screen. You can also watch DVR recordings.

Altice One, like other streaming devices, can make it difficult to resolve common errors. You don’t want to have to correct an application error when you’re trying to relax after a long day.

You can find common Altice One errors and their solutions below.

Optimum Alice One Error codes and Meanings, and Solutions

1 Error 200 – Physical Network Connection Failed

Your modem’s cable connects to the physical network connection. This error means that the cable box cannot detect the physical network connection. This error is most commonly caused by damaged or loosely connected cables.

First, locate your modem by looking at its back. Make sure the cable connections are secure. If problems persist, make sure to check the connection to your wall outlet and other cable sources.

Next, check for damaged cables. To fix your Internet connection, you’ll need to buy a new coaxial cable. You can also try replacing the spare part if it is still available.

If this fails, please call Optimum to get customer support.

2 OBV-005: No Internet in Box

This error indicates that the cable box you are using does not have an internet connection. Although it sounds alarming, this is a minor issue that can be fixed quickly. This is often caused by a WPS error and requires several restarts on different boxes.

This error might occur if you pair your boxes

  • Check the WPS Light on your modem.
  • Turn it on. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds, then release it.
  • Your device will reset.
  • If other boxes show WPS lights, will perform the same action.
  • For 3-5 seconds, return to the main box.
  • Your boxes will try to pair up again after you release them.

3 – NW-1-19 – Device not connected to the Internet

This error code is common for Netflix users. This means that your device does not have an internet connection. Sometimes the Netflix app can crash, so you need to restart it.

If the app isn’t working, you can try powering down Altice One and then restarting it. This may be sufficient to fix the problem and reset your internet connection.

You should make sure your wireless network is connected to your Altice One device. Your internet connection could be hampered by a bad network connection.

Follow these steps to restart your routerMake sure that the box is visible in the router’s settings.

If the error persists, check that your internet service is still available. You can test this by opening other websites and using other devices. To check for a service interruption, call Optimum.

After they turn your service back on, this problem should not arise again.


The Altice One Box is a handy little device that makes it easy to stream your favorite movies and shows. It can also make mistakes, just like any other tech device. There is usually an easy and quick fix for these issues.

You will be able to watch your favorite shows again in no time at all if you use the techniques we have provided. You should call your cable provider to discuss the best way to fix your Altice One.


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