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The M.S. The M.S. in Computer Science degree is intended to be a terminal professional degree. It does not lead you to the Ph.D. Students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science should apply directly to the program. However, some students may want to finish the master’s before they decide whether or not to pursue the Ph.D. degree. The department offers a program that leads to a master’s in research. Below is a description of the program.


For admissions information, please review the department’s admissions page. For any questions regarding admission, please contact the department at admissions@cs.stanford.edu.

Program details

Part-time students typically take 3 to 5 years to complete the 45 unit requirement. Within five years of starting the program, you must earn a Master’s degree.

While the majority of this degree can still be completed online, it depends on your academic quarter, your area of focus, and your program plan. It may be helpful to compare the requirements of the degree with SCPD’s course offerings to determine how much can be completed online.

Please refer to the Guide to the MSCS Program sheet of the department for information on degree requirements. We also recommend visiting the FAQs page.


For course tuition and fees, please click Tuition & Fees.

HCP Handbook

To learn more about the policies, procedures, and logistics of being an HCP student, please review our Honors Cooperative Program Handbook


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