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If you’re looking to boost your computer skills, there are many free or low-cost classes you can take that will help you get hired or promoted. If you’re interested in taking a class in person, check with your local library, school district (many have adult education and vocational training programs), or community college to see what’s available near you.

Here are our top picks of the best online computer courses in a variety of categories, including programming, data science, analytics, marketing, productivity, graphic design, and basic computer.

Basic Online Computer Classes and Courses

These basic computer courses will help you to improve your computer skills.

LinkedIn Learning (Beginner Computer Skills Courses)LinkedIn is more than a social media platform for professionals. It is also a vast library of computer skills classes. Numerous online reviews have shown that LinkedIn is a great platform for sharing your expertise.LinkedIn Learning CenterTo is one of the most popular places to learn basic computer skills.

Also, if you haven’t already built a LinkedIn Profile, doing so will help you become acquainted with some critical computer skills to boost your professional career (as well as help you connect with peers and potential employers). To sign up, begin here and follow the directions for setting up your free account.

LinkedIn Learning (Career Paths)
These courses prepare you to work in the most coveted jobs, which have seen steady growth over four years and pay a living wage. They also teach skills that can be learned online.

Google Career Certificates
Google’s career certification program offers the chance to acquire job-ready skills that will help you start or grow your career within high-demand areas. Coursera hosts the IT Support courses. There are scholarships and grants available.

Udemy (Computer Skills Courses)
Udemy isn’t free but most courses are less than $20. The course selection is extensive. You can search the top for specific information or programs if you’re looking for computer skills.

You will also see that you can filter search results by difficulty level and student reviews. You can also click on any course listed to view an overview and a preview to help you decide if you want to purchase the course. You will receive a Udemy completion certification at the end of each course that you can use to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Udemy: From Beginner to Expert in a Week – Master Computers
This Udemy class is one that even students with very little computer knowledge have enjoyed. The instructor is a former college professor. You can see the preview of the course on the right, and then read the overview to determine if it is the course for you.

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
This online course is free and focuses on Microsoft software, the main collection of productivity software available on computers today. It also explains the importance of SaaS for computer users today. After completing the course, you can take an exam to become certified. The course is completely free but the exam costs $99.

If you pass this exam and graduate from the course, you can continue your Microsoft education by taking courses such as the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate or Enterprise Administrator Expert.

Productivity Software Skills Classes and Courses

These are some free, low-cost classes on a productivity software that can help you get ahead in your job search or catch up.

Microsoft Office Specialist
The Specialist program operates in the same manner as the Microsoft 356 Fundamentals course. Although the classes are free, the exam costs money to pass if you wish to move on to intermediate or expert-level courses. If you are not confident in your MS Office skills, however, you can still take the exam. These courses will make you more confident in your MS Office skills.

Asana Academy
Asana is one of the most popular productivity software programs used by businesses. Asana Academy offers basic and advanced courses in both software and general productivity. The best part is that all courses are completely free!

Lynda.com Trello Essential Training Course By Zack Arnold
Trello is another highly-valued productivity software skill that you should have. Zack Arnold, a Lynda.com instructor, offers one of the most popular and free online courses to teach Trello beginners.

Lynda.com, an online learning platform, is free for the first month. However, a monthly subscription will cost you extra. It may be worth it if you find the site to offer a lot of useful courses.

G Suite Learning Center
Google Suite, or G Suite, offers a wide range of free training on all G Suite tools. This includes advanced email management and calendar management as well as Google Docs, Cloud products/services, and Google Docs. G Suite is the best package for freelancers and remote workers. Your resume can be greatly enhanced if you are familiar with the various features of the G Suite.

Computer Programming Skills Classes and Courses

These are the best computer programming skills that you can use for your credential building.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Introductory Programming CoursesMassachusetts Institute of Technology may be one of the most prestigious tech universities in the world. Tuition costs can be very high. The MIT OpenCourseWare offers free online classes. This page is dedicated to computer programming.

Solonian offers over 2,000 courses free of charge and 15,000 quizzes, which can be completed on any device at any moment. After completing a course, you will receive a new certificate to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Youtube Channel: Adam Khoury
Adam Khoury’s YouTube channel is a great place to learn computer programming if you like watching and following along videos. These videos are available on YouTube every day, so you don’t have to pay anything extra.

W3Schools.com is a site that focuses on writing instruction and coding exercises. You can use it for free. This site may not appeal to you if you prefer video instruction. The coding exercises are simple and enjoyable. Experienced computer programmers will tell you that the best way of learning coding is to “tinker with” the language until it becomes natural to you. There are many other options. You can sign up for coding boot camps to get your skills up-to-date.

App Academy
App Academy is one of the top Silicon Valley computer programming schools. The school offers a 3-month intensive course in computer programming at a significant cost. You can access the entire course online for free, and you can work at your own pace.

edX Computer Science
edX isn’t free, unlike many of the courses on this site. Some courses can cost up to $1,000. The courses are generally more affordable than other places, and edX graduates are considered more valuable than those who have graduated from courses on Udemy or Coursera. These courses are also considered to be low-cost compared with many college-based graduate certificates programs.

You won’t regret investing in an edX program if you are interested. You might start with the basics of computer programming at one of these free sites, then move on to a specialty in coding within edX.

Courses in Data Science and Analytics

This program offers certifications and courses.

Alteryx’s Advancing Data & Analysis Potential Together (ADAPT), the program offers unemployed workers and new graduates free access to data science and analytics courses and an Alteryx designer license. The ADAPT program is open to anyone whose employment was affected by COVID-19. You don’t have to have any prior data experience to apply.

Marketing Software Skills Classes and Courses

These are the top-rated online marketing software classes.

Hubspot Academy
Hubspot is a CRM and marketing automation software company. They have been helping marketing and sales leaders develop powerful inbound marketing strategies and engaging content for their websites for the past several years. Many offer industry-respected certifications. All courses are completely free. An example is an inbound CertificationHubspot Academy is a sought-after credential within the marketing community.

SEMrush Academy
SEMrush, a search engine optimization software provider, helps websites analyze data about their web traffic. Search engines like Google are always crawling the internet for great content. Google will recommend that content to users who search for information on the topic.

Despite this, it is difficult to rank high on Google (or landing on the first page at the top) because there is so much content online. Businesses and organizations seeking to improve their Google ranking are in high demand. SEMrush provides a variety of valuable and free courses that will help you master search engine optimization.

Facebook Blueprint
Facebook is more than a social media platform. It can also be used as a marketing tool. Businesses can benefit from the expertise of those who are proficient in Instagram and Facebook marketing (which are both social media platforms maintained by Facebook).Influencers. All Facebook Blueprint courses can be taken for free.

Depending on your level of proficiency, you may pass exams to be certified in one or more tracks within Facebook Blueprint.

Hootsuite Academy
Hootsuite, a social media management company, also offers a large number of free training courses in social media marketing. Although most courses are free, some courses will cost money. Hootsuite Academy will teach you how to manage professional social networks and plan content marketing strategies.

Google Academy (Exceed LMS)
Google is the reason search engine optimization is so popular today. Google Academy offers courses on analytics, paid digital marketing, video marketing (YouTube), and business directories. It is also completely free.

Graphic Design Software Courses & Classes

These classes are for graphic designers who want to improve their skills.

Adobe HelpX
Adobe is the only graphic design software that offers as many capabilities as Adobe software. Adobe products allow graphic designers to achieve amazing results at all levels.

Adobe’s tutorial videos and articles are available on their HelpX page. Adobe offers a range of apprenticeships and intensive courses. All tutorials are free. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe programs, it may be best to purchase and then complete tutorials in Photoshop and InDesign.

YouTube Channel: Adam Khoury
We recommended this YouTube channel to you for computer programming courses. Adam Khoury also offers graphic design courses. It’s also free.

Skillshare is an education website similar to Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda.com. The first two months are free. After that, you will have to pay a monthly fee for access to classes. Industry experts recommend their graphic design courses, which have a large library covering a wide range of subjects.

Canva Design School
Canva, an online graphic design service, also offers training courses. You can get free training in graphic design, and specialized training for their software. Although Adobe is more powerful, Canva can be used to create professional-level graphics.

Coursera (Graphic Design Courses).
Coursera will look and feel very similar to Skillshare except that you only get one month of free membership. You can still take a variety of graphic design classes in one month. Pay attention to student ratings and any prerequisite courses that are recommended before you start looking for courses.


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