Bring Your Digital Life Over to Your Dell PC with Dell Migrate

My wife was scrolling through photos on an old computer, which had not been used for seven years. It was kept in our spare bedroom.

As I watched her reaction to the videos and photos of our grown sons, she was amazed at the extraordinary moments that were made. I realized that Clark Griswold was here with me, stuck in an attic with an old slide presentation. These memories are priceless and important to us.

We care about our data. We should have access to it, move it, and enjoy it as quickly as possible regardless of what computer we are using.

Transfer all your files from all your computers

Dell Migrate a simple, do-it-yourself solution to migrate data, personal records, and other fun stuff from Windows-based PCs to your new Dell PC. It is unlike any other tool available today to migrate data.

  • You can migrate from any Windows 8 or later PC. Not just Dell.
  • You can migrate as many times as necessary within six months of purchase. There are no hidden fees. Enjoy the journey and take your time. You can transfer as many or as few digital memories to your Dell PC as you like.

Because Migrate transfers as much or little of your previous PC experience to your new Dell PC, your new Dell PC will “feel” just like your old one. Your favorite wallpapers, color settings, bookmarks, and browser bookmarks are all migrated. You can also access those photos migrated and waiting for you to go on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

We will make sure it is all

You may not realize that your most important information could be located in the “corners”, especially since some newer tools and apps save files in random places. Dell Migrate scans your entire system and not just the Windows directory, unlike other migration tools. The tool will migrate any file that is common if it is found. Are you unable to remember where your tax forms were saved? No worries. Migrate will help you find it.

After scanning all content that is available for migration, the program will give you two options. You can choose how involved you want in the content being moved.

  • If you prefer to keep it as it is, choose “Move all for me”. If everything fits, or you have to make some changes, we’ll let you know.
  • You can also choose “Let’s me choose what to Move” if you wish to skip files or change where your data is saved.

It is up to you. You can choose the method that suits you best. Remember that Migrate can also move data from other PCs.

Start working in minutes…without having to wait for one mass-move

The problem with traditional data migrating tools is the fact that they can lock down your system for hours. Migrate allows you to use your computer while it does the migration. Explore your new Dell. You can always check Migrate. If we encounter any issues, we’ll let you be aware. While I am on the subject of creating new migration norms, Migrate does not require that you do a hard reboot in order to apply these settings. As the migration occurs, your wallpaper will change before your eyes, along with any other favorites that you have curated on another PC.

How can I get Dell Migrate?

Select Dell Migrate from the available services when ordering your Dell PC. Then add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. Call a sales representative to order it separately. Do you have an existing Dell Windows 10 computer that you wish to transfer your data to? Migrate can be purchased standalone. You can purchase Migrate standalone in the US starting at $39 USD and unlimited use for six month.

Start Migrate by opening SupportAssist in the Start menu. SupportAssist comes preinstalled on Dell devices that run the Windows 10 operating systems. Or download SupportAssist. Once it launches, click Finish Setting up This PC/Go Now.

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