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Official Plex Channels


Imagine your Netflix, Hulu streaming services. Plex has been offering this service for some time.

Plex media server lets you create your own media center with movies, videos, or other content. It can be shared with other devices.

Plex is growing, which means there are more options to stream media online.

Plex channels make it possible to stream media. To access a broad range of content, you can add them to Plexmedia. Here is a list with the most popular Plex channels.

1. BringThePopcorn

BringThePopcorn is a popular Plex channel for movies and TV shows that offers access to many Hollywood films. Although not updated as often as other channels, the database still contains a wide selection of films.

To add BringThePopcorn to Plex, download the GitHub channel plugin. Unzip the zip file and copy it or move it to your Plex Media Server directory.

2. CBC

Do you want to stream your favorite sports on the internet? CBC is the channel to add. Access a wide range of sports content, including highlights and live-action, as well news and highlights.

CBC is not an official Plex channel. You won’t find the plug-in to it in the Plex App. However, you can download a CBC Plex bundle from GitHub. Once it is unzipped, move/copy it to the Plex Media Server plugins folder.

3. Pandora

Pandora is one of the most popular Plex Channels. Access to a large collection of Plex music and radio content is possible. It is a great alternative to YouTube and Google Music, which are both unsupported and require a subscription.

Start Plex and click on the “Channels menu” in the sidebar. Browse through the channels until you find Pandora. Click on it to download.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is a great online platform to stream cool, ad-free video. These videos can be accessed via the Vimeo channel on Plex media servers connected devices.

To add the channel, click on the Install button.

5. FmoviePlus

FmoviePlus is another popular Plex movie channel. The movies can be viewed at 1080p resolution or higher.

FmoviePlus can also be used to create an unofficial Plex channel. The plugin bundle must be downloaded from a third party source. GitHub has many great options.

Unzip the plug-in bundle. Copy the file to your Plex Media Server plug ins folder.

6. Dailymotion

Dailymotion for Plex is another great online streaming video channel. Dailymotion for Plex is another great online video streaming site. It offers many videos, including TV shows and songs.

Plex App’s main interface allows you to add the Dailymotion Channel. Click the “Channel menu” in the sidebar. Click on the “Channel menu” in the sidebar to select Dailymotion from the available channels. Then click the “Install” button.

7. Comedy Central

Comedy Central is the comedy channel that makes Plex all laugh with. Comedy Central has a wide selection of comedy TV shows, including classics that are long lost.

Plex App’s main interface has a section called “supported plug-ins” that contains the Comedy Central channel. To get started with your favorite comedy programs, you can install it.

8. Nickelodeon & Nick Jr

Plex content can be found on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. They have a lot of Nickelodeon or Nick Jr content.

These channels are official. Their plugins can be found in the Plex App plugin directory. Install them to stream their content.

9. Disney Junior Channel

Disney Junior is another great Plex TV channel. Access a wide range of content on the Disney network, including reruns and old episodes.

You can download a third-party unsupported plug in bundle via GitHub to add the channel into your Plex Media Server directory.

10. Fox News

Fox News is the most viewed channel for Plex news content. Fox News offers the most recent news, news stories and current events.

By going to the Plex App’s main interface and clicking on the “Channel” option, you can add the channel. Browse available channels until Fox News is found, then install it.

11. CBS

Plex also offers CBS, a top-rated TV channel. It also allows you to access all CBS content online and on-demand on the Plex website.

Browse the Plex App to find supported channel plug-ins. Click the Install button.

12. cCloud TV

Another popular Plex channel is iCloud TV. It allows you to stream a variety of content, including TV shows and films. It is one the most popular Plex channels.

Github has the iCloud TV plug in bundle. The bundle can be unpacked and copied to the Plex media server folder.

13. SS-Plex

SS-Plex should appear on your Plex channel list. Access to a wide range of content is available from all corners of the internet. SS-Plex offers the best TV series and movies.

You will have to download it from another site as it is not supported. Copy the plug-in files to the Plex Media Server “Plugins” folder on your computer.

14. NFL Network

Are you a National Football League (NFL) fan? The NFL Network is an excellent addition to your streaming channel collection. Access interesting content, including live and past games.

A third-party plugin bundle can be found on GitHub. It’s easy to download the bundle, unzip it, and drag it into your Plex Media Server plugins directory.

15. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is the last, but not least. It is the most popular Plex channel for movies. BitTorrent sites allow you to access many TV shows and movies.

It can be added to your Plex channel, and you will enjoy the best peer TV and movie shows.

To add the channel, download a third-party plugin package from GitHub. Unzip the file, and then copy it to your Plex Media Server directory.

Plex is the best online entertainment platform. These are the most popular Plex channels. These channels include both official and unsupported Plex channels.

These movies and videos will enhance your Plex Media Server collection.


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