Numbersync is currently unavailable due to an issue with the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and will update you as soon as numbersync is available again.

What is Numbersync?

Numbersync is a feature in Apple’s iOS 10 that allows users to sync their devices with lightning cables. This means that if one device is connected to the computer and the other device is connected to the phone, they will be able to see each other’s data as if they were both on the same screen.

However, Numbersync is currently unavailable on iPhones 6s and earlier because of an issue with Apple’s A10 processor.

Why Numbersync is currently unavailable

I just recently bought a Samsung S10 as well as a Galaxy Watch 46 mm 4G LTE. The Watch was unable to sync because it could not establish a connection to the mobile networks provided by AT&T. AT&T sent a new watch equipped with a fresh e-sim card to replace the one that was lost. When the new one arrived, the e-sim functioned without a hitch, and the user was able to connect to the AT&T Mobile Network. When attempting to use NumberSync, I see an error message that states, “NumberSync is presently unavailable.”

I have gone back and forth with AT&T and Samsung about the issue for more than three hours, but they have not been able to resolve it. After being transferred to Samsung for forty-five minutes, AT&T ultimately informed me that the problem was with the network provided by AT&T, and that I should get in touch with AT&T directly. After another half-hour of discussion, one of us finally admitted, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say or do to repair this.”

Solved: Watch3, AT&T activiation

Update August 21, 2020: Since I initially wrote this, it looks that the issue has been resolved as a result of upgrades to the Timer programme and the Wear application that were released on August 20. The inability of Numbersync to function properly was also remedied by those changes. It’s possible that August 20 was the day when AT&T started selling the Watch3 in its retail locations. b

After several days have passed, there is still no sign of Numbersync. AT&T employees have suggested to me on many occasions that I should just wait a few days for the network to be refreshed so that I may use the new watch.

The issue has been resolved in part!

After spending over three hours with AT&T and performing numerous resets, I was unable to obtain a phone number to display on the watch. Finally, I was able to activate the watch phone number after doing a network reset, and I am now able to make calls to it.

However, the NumberSync does not seem to work properly. I either get a message that says “no carrier,” despite the fact that a signal is displayed and a call can be made to it, or I get a message that says “Numbersync is not now accessible,” or I get a message that says “can’t obtain code.”

Because I set up my watch3 while the old watch was still operational, and because I initially utilised the esim card that was associated with the old watch, I got myself into this issue.

Update a week later. Numbersync is still a bit of a puzzle. When I try to use Numbersync, I get the notice that it is presently unavailable. I gave it a shot with the watch linked to the cell phone and BT turned on. Same result. When I went to a different AT&T shop, the employee there told me that the problem was with the activation, and that Tech Support had the equipment necessary to look into both my watch and my phone in order to resolve the issue. It was necessary to consult with a “subject matter expert.” They appear to be difficult to locate; in order to activate my prior Watch, I had to go to the principal AT&T store in my region, wait around until the right person became available, and then he was able to activate my Watch in a timely manner while ensuring that Numbersync functioned properly.

Update, day later. After visiting a separate AT&T store today, I was informed that the issue with Numbersync is due to activation problems. This information was provided to me. That I should call the technical support line, as they have a tool that can analyse the activity on both my Galaxy S9+ and Watch3, and fix the issues that I am having. I have not yet put this into practise, but I am hoping that this was sound advise. He made reference to those who were considered “subject matter experts.”

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