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Nikon D7200 Wedding Photography

How to use Nikon D7200 wedding setting?

The Nikon D7200 is considered one of the Nikon Company’s finest feature-packed cameras. This camera is used by many professional landscape and wedding photographers. The D7200 comes with a 24.2MP sensor CMOS and an EXPEED-4series image processing. The D7200 can capture 100 JPEGs or 27 RAW files in a single shot, which is a significant advantage over other cameras. The Nikon camera also has picture control 2.0.0, an additional feature. It allows users to create various image controls. This includes an all-new flat mode, which generates low-contrast or full dynamic range images. 

Nikon D7200 for wedding photography


RAW is a more lucrative format for taking photos of a wedding ceremony. It contains all the data captured by the camera’s image sensor. This format gives users high-quality files and not the JEPG which compresses it. You can fix some issues even if there is no drastic decrease in quality. This is not possible with JEPG. These can only be accessed through software (such as Photoshop), that can modify RAW data to meet your needs. 


This feature is very useful for wedding photos. Change the camera’s mode to continuous shooting. Sometimes, clicking these shots can be easier after the subject has relaxed, which will give you a more natural look.

A few points to be aware of:

Instantly taking photos means that the camera will not be able save them to memory. Instead, once you take pictures, they are saved. Because the processing usually takes a lot of processing power, it is more difficult to take multiple shots.

If you take images at a higher speed, the camera will not save them to the memory card. The camera will save files once you are done shooting. This may take a while.

The more you take shots, the faster you run out batteries and the faster your memory cards can fill up. Continuous shooting is not recommended. You can avoid these problems by taking copies.


Memory cards are very important

Memory cards are a key tool, especially for wedding photographers. A memory card with a faster write speed is necessary if you’re using the camera in burst mode to capture images quickly. It is recommended that a 170 mb/s card speed be used for Nikon D7200 wedding photography (Hey! It’s on Amazon) Also, if you are using the RAW format, it is necessary to get a faster and bigger storage memory card as RAW contains unprocessed data and takes up a lot of storage. You should also consider making backups.
Nikon D7200 wedding settingsFull Wireless Control from Smartphone, Including Live Preview, Adjust Settings, and Review & Share


Make sure you have a tripod in your camera bag to avoid any shaky shots.

You should always have an extra lens to allow you to move around in a crowd. A wide-angle lens can be used for group shots or location shots. A telephoto lens (prime or zoom) is needed for photographs taken from a distance.

Include an external flash, as the built-in flash may not be enough for high-quality wedding photography. The camera’s built-in flash can produce harsh and unnatural lighting.

For backup, make sure to bring an extra pair.

The NIKON DA7200 is a top-of-the-line camera for weddings. By following these simple steps, you can impress people and create unforgettable memories as a professional wedding photographer.


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