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3 Ways To Get Free Mobile Internet (NetZero 4G, FreedomPop, etc)

Mobile carriers may charge a significant amount for high-speed broadband connections. You can also access free mobile Internet through a variety of sources.

Our society has become more mobile over the past few years. This is due to the growth of the mobile device market, and the desire to be connected. There have been more mobile carriers emerging regularly.

There are many mobile carriers out there, making it hard to choose the one that best suits your needs. Free mobile Internet could be an economical option depending on what you need in terms of mobile connectivity.

There are many ways to get free mobile internet

Here are some tips to help you save money and still be connected to your mobile device.

NetZero 4G

The Internet broadband company NetZero made 4G available in more places over the past few years. One of their mobile Internet plans is free. You can use NetZero’s free mobile Internet by visiting their website. This will allow you to see if there is mobile broadband available in your area.

NetZero’s free mobile Internet plan does not require you to sign a contract. You can also change your plan at any time. NetZero’s monthly free mobile Internet plan provides up to 200MB data transfer. Although this is not a lot, it will get you online a few times per month. Mobile broadband access is free, provided you don’t exceed 200MB data transfer. Setup broadband access is free of charge.

There is a catch. To get free mobile internet, you will need to pay a one-time fee. NetZero currently offers the 4G Stick, a USB plug-and-play device that can be used with any laptop, tablet, or Mac notebook to provide free access to mobile Internet. The 4G Stick is available for purchase for $49 and comes with no additional charges.

The NetZero 4G hotspot can be purchased. It provides connectivity for up eight devices with WiFi capability. You can purchase the small, 4.5-ounce 4G hotspot for less than $100. It works with any mobile device, including a tablet or laptop. The device comes with free mobile Internet, and you don’t have to pay any additional fees.

This video explains how NetZero 4G works.


FreedomPop provides mobile internet access at no cost with 1GB (gigabytes) of data transfer per month. FreedomPop was launched in 2012 by Skype, the cofounder. Clearwire offers the service on its WiMAX and LTE networks. The Sprint network is available in some areas.

FreedomPop also offers prepaid mobile broadband Internet plans. FreedomPop offers you a free case for your iPhone that allows you to get 1GB of data transfer and free mobile internet. The case is free if you use the service. FreedomPop does require that you make a deposit, which is refundable once the case has been returned.

You can opt for the Freemium plan to receive certain services free of charge and pay a small amount for data transfer. FreedomPop allows you to earn points that can be used to get more data transfer. You can also share data with others using the social features.

FreedomPop provides three mobile broadband options to connect to high-speed 4G services. There are three options: the Freedom Stick-Bolt, which gives you Internet access via any USB connection, and the Freedom Spot Overdrive PRO that puts a 4G hotspot into your pocket. Or the Freedom Spot Photon, which can accommodate up to 20 devices at high speed. FreedomPop charges a refundable deposit for all devices. This is to prevent misuse and potential problems when FreedomPop users sell the devices.

The FreedomPop hotspot is priced at a steep discount. It also comes with 2.5GB free data for 30 day. The Basic plan includes free Internet. This is available to all subscribers who use the Sprint /3G/4G WIMAX network.

FreedomPop has established other partnerships beyond Clearwire, such as with Sprint to expand the range of high-speed Internet access services. You can check if FreedomPop is available near you by visiting the FreedomPop website. Simply enter your zip code, email address, then click on “Check for availability”.

This video shows you how FreedomPop works.

Smartphone Hacks

You can set up a free mobile Internet connection with your smartphone or your computer, depending on the model of your smartphone. You can avoid lengthy data contracts and still have high-speed internet access. A smartphone must be equipped with Bluetooth to establish a mobile Internet connection.

After you have set up your Bluetooth-enabled phone and computer, the next step is to enable Bluetooth by going to your phone Settings. Select Discoverable for your phone to locate your computer. Next, go to your computer and open the control panel. Click on Start at the top of your desktop’s toolbar and choose Control Panel. To allow your computer to search for your phone, click Bluetooth Devices.

After your phone is identified by your computer, you will be prompted to enter your Personal ID Number (PIN), or the password that you created when you purchased your phone. You can usually enter a default number if you don’t have a password or PIN code. This number is typically listed in your manual.

After you have entered your Personal Identification Number successfully, return to the Control Panel and click on Internet and. To establish a connection with your cell phone, click on Setup or change your Internet connection in the new window. To start the connection setup wizard, click on Connection and then Create a Dialup Connection.

The setup wizard will guide you through setting up the connection. Click on Standard Modem Over Bluetooth, then enter *99# next to the dial-up number. When prompted, enter or ‘web’ as the password and user name. Give the connection a name. After clicking on Next, you will be able to establish free mobile Internet access on your phone.

Here’s a way to get unlimited 3G/4G data for your smartphone.

Here’s how to get 3G Internet from an Android phone. Although the video author takes a bit longer, you will get a good idea of how 3G broadband connectivity can be achieved with an Android phone.

NetZero or FreedomPop are the two main sources of free mobile internet. These services can help you save big on your monthly charges from wireless cellular providers if you’re lucky enough to have them in your area.


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