Suddenlink Network Enhancement Fee (Explained)

Because their services are unrivalled in terms of network quality, speed, and data bundles given the budget that you are staying on, Suddenlink provides excellent value for the money that you have been paying them. However, there are a tonne of other costs that you might discover on the bill if you look closely, and given that this is intended to be a low-cost service provider, the fact that there are so many of these charges is not being appreciated by the customers very much.

What is Suddenlink Network Enhancement Fee?

They began including the network Enhancement cost on your statement one year ago, and it has been there ever since. They refer to it as a special service due to the fact that Suddenlink is continuously improving your network and you are required to pay the charge on a monthly basis.

However, given that you are currently paying them, shouldn’t it be the very least you can expect from them? Yes, many people have the opinion that this cost is being vaguely charged by Suddenlink in order to take off their subscribers because it serves no purpose at all and has been going on for a while. You are unable to select to have this erased from your statement and it will continue to be there every month if you do not have a choice, if you are bound by a contract, or if you are financially unable to purchase any other service.

How much?

The Network Enhancement fee began being charged at a rate of $2.50 when it was first implemented the year before last. The vast majority of people were completely unaware that it was even present, and while some people did make some noise about it, there is not much that can be done about it from a subscriber’s perspective. The network improvement charge is now $3.50 per month, and you are required to pay it as part of your payment each month if you intend to continue receiving services. If you do not pay the fee, your services will be terminated.

What does it entail?

If you are curious about the purpose of this service charge and whether or not you will receive any additional benefits as a result of paying this charge on a monthly basis, let us assure you that none of those things will occur. They provide every customer that uses their service with the same line, although different packages come with varying maximum download speeds. However, all of the subscribers receive the same line.

This cost is being paid, according to Suddenlink, to increase the overall network performance in order to optimise speed, connectivity, and signal strength. However, for many customers, this makes absolutely no sense at all. Since network services are already incorporated into your whole-home plan, you should not be required to pay additional fees to access them.

Is it worth the trouble?

If you want our view on the matter, we would say that it is not worthwhile to pay for a service to which you are already entitled. It’s possible that this is just another marketing ploy on their part, considering that they have already lowered the rates of their various packages and are in an almost unassailable position relative to their rivals on the market. Or, if you are bound by a contract, you are required to pay these fees, and there is nothing that you can do to prevent them from charging you the cost. On the other hand, if you are interested in making a change, there are a plethora of different choices available to you that offer more affordable internet, telephone, and television services.

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