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Morpheus Searching Sources


MorpheusTV is an on-demand mobile app that provides a large library of TV shows and movies. You will find the best streams through the app’s stable and high-quality scrapers.

Morpheus TV, a lightweight and efficient app that maximizes your time and saves you money, is an excellent choice. It is extremely fast and easy to use.

But from time to time, you may encounter a situation where Morpheus TV not working when streaming videos.

There are several reasons why Morpheus TV doesn’t work as it should. It is an older version of the app.

Second, the slowdown is caused by old data in the app’s cache and package folders. Buffering could also be caused by a network issue.

How to fix Morpheus TV that isn’t working

You can fix Morpheus TV’s problems if it stops working or isn’t responding.

These steps will assist you in fixing any errors in your streaming app.

1. Morpheus TV version 1.0

Morpheus TV could stop working if you’re using an older version of the app. The older version may not allow you to stream movies.

Check if there is a better version available to fix the error. If available, consider updating your app. If Morpheus isn’t updating, you can uninstall the app and then install it again.

Updating the app can fix other issues. Trakt TV may not be connecting because your version is incompatible. Trakt lets you keep track of all the TV shows and movies you are interested.

You can integrate the application with Morpheus television to automate everything. We have created a detailed guide for installing and using Trakt.tv on Kodi and other media centers.

Morpheus TV crashes on Android – you should update it. You may experience a crash if the app is not downloaded correctly. The app must be reinstalled to fix this problem.

This is how you do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Applications or the Application Manager
  • Scroll down to see the Morpheus TV App
  • Click on Uninstall

After uninstalling it, you can download the app from a trusted source. Then, reinstall it. This should fix all crashes.

2. Verify your network connection

It could indicate that your internet connection is slow. This could also mean that your internet speed may be too slow to stream a movie.

You must have a minimum speed of 3mbps to stream videos on Morpheus.

Make sure your router isn’t blocking torrents

These are the steps:

  • Log in to the router console
  • Search for anything related to URL blocking or IP blocking in Network Settings
  • Check to see if any URL has been blocked
  • You can unblock all blocked URLs or IP addresses

Find out more Learn how to stream even with slow internet

Use a VPN service

The MorpheusTV App retrieves content from multiple sources. If the sources are unavailable, buffering problems may occur.

You can solve this problem by using a VPN service.

Clear cache and delete all data

If your network is stable, clearing the cache and data is a good idea. Cleared data will cause the app to be refreshed.

You can watch the video of your changes after you have completed each step.

3. Fix the Morpheus TV error “no data/links not available”

The No Data or Links Not available error can occur when streaming videos via the MorpheusTV App. There are three main reasons for this error.

  • The video that you are viewing is not available on streaming.
  • The app can’t find the right video sources
  • You would like to have access to content that is not available in your area

If streaming is not available, there is no way to fix it. You can only attempt to find another streaming source until you have found one.

Morpheus TV can’t access the right sources? Use a VPN to fix it. The same VPN service can fix the third problem.

VPN services can resolve any connection problems.

4. You must use the correct DNS

The problem with the Morpheus TV App is that it doesn’t seem to work after these fixes. You might have the wrong DNS.

You need to use a private DNS server in order to avoid DNS leaks. This is especially important if you are using a VPN service.

These steps will allow you to change your DNS settings on your device.

  • Go to Settings
  • Wi-Fi is a great way to connect
  • Connected Network – Long press
  • Click on Manage Network Setting
  • Click on “Show advanced”
  • In the IP Settings menu, select static to be your IP type. Static refers to the fact that your IP will not change.
  • DNS server entries can be added at, or

Save your changes, and restart your device. Open the Morpheus TV Application to check if any changes have occurred.

5. Not finding sources

Streaming can be frustrating if Morpheus TV doesn’t find sources. The settings can be changed in the app to fix this problem.

  • Enable Verify Sources. This option will prevent the app’s fetching of dead links. If you enable this option, the scrapping process will take more time.
  • Increase the timeout to verify to 10 seconds
  • You can change stream providers by activating all under the Providers tab. The app will retrieve all of these providers.

If you are a fan of torrents, you can activate the option in Torrents. Torrents are the most common way Morpheus TV fetches your content.

6. Other solutions

Most errors in the Morpheus TV App can be fixed by making certain settings. These are the Morpheus TV setting.

  • Sources– Allow the app to automatically select sources. This option lets you play movies instantly. If the app cannot locate reliable sources, it will not play TV programs. You can disable the option if there aren’t any links. To play videos, you can uncheck verify sources.
  • Subtitles– Disable subtitles if you don’t want them. Sometimes subtitles may not be compatible with the videos being viewed.
  • Providers – Consider disabling 123yts
  • PlayerThis option will reduce the buffer size to 60 seconds. You can also change the buffer size to 10 seconds if buffering is not responding to network problems.

You should consider filtering your sources by provider, size or quality.

This guide should have helped to fix the Morpheus TV error. This error can occur whenever you stream a video through the app.

This error could be caused by network issues or older versions of the app. If you have any questions, contact the support team.


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