Message Size Limit Reached On Verizon: 6 Fixes

Cellular users who require mobile services such as phone calling minutes, data internet access, and text messages have grown to rely on Verizon as their one-stop shop. In addition, people utilise Verizon services to send multimedia messages, and some of them are having trouble with the message size limit reached Verizon issue, which is causing confusion. Added to this post are troubleshooting ways to assist you in sending messages and getting rid of the message stating that the message size restriction has been achieved!

On Verizon, the message size limit has been reached.

1) Thread

We recommend that you delete the thread on the message if you are unable to send the message due to the size restriction having been achieved by mistake. It makes no difference whether you are using the default message app or Message+ by Verizon; removing the thread is highly likely to resolve the problem for you.

2) Resolving the situation

So removing the thread didn’t assist to resolve the issue with the size limit being reached? We, on the other hand, are here to assist you. However, it is possible that the photo or video file size is too large, making it difficult to transfer and meet the size limit. There is a possibility of high resolution in addition to small file sizes. As a result, we recommend that you decrease the file size or resolution. When you reduce the resolution of a photograph, the file size of the photograph will be reduced. If you’re thinking about how to go about it, your phone includes a trimmer feature that can assist you in your decision. You can, on the other hand, employ video and picture trimming applications to reduce the size of the files you create.

3) The method of transmission

Contrary to popular belief, the technique you use to send the multimedia message will make a significant difference in the outcome of the error. As a result, we recommend that you open the photo or video and select the “share” or “send” option from the drop-down menu. Once the new window has opened, you should select the text message options, and the message will be delivered in the vast majority of instances.

4) A SIM card is required.

If the alternate sending method did not work out for you, we recommend that you give your phone some time to rest and allow it to heal from the bugs. As a result, we recommend that you turn off your phone and remove your SIM card. Also, be sure to keep the SIM card in your pocket for around two minutes before inserting it again. Then, simply turn on the phone and send the multimedia message again, and you will not be subjected to the Verizon size limit reaches issue any longer.

5) Refreshing the network

Occasionally, the multimedia message will not send out and weird errors will display. In these circumstances, we recommend that you restart your network. If we’re being completely honest, there are two ways to refresh the network. In the first instance, you might try removing the SIM card and reinserting it again after a few minutes to see if that will refresh the signals. Second, you have the option of switching to aeroplane mode. It is possible to choose between aeroplane mode and normal mode through the settings, and we are confident that the signals will be more streamlined and that you will be able to transmit the message.

6) Save the data in a cache

To be quite honest, the size limit reached error may occur when the messaging software has an excessive amount of cache. As a result, you will be able to send messages more easily and quickly if you clear the cache from the normal message app or the Message+ app, as previously stated.

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