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How do I merge two Facebook Pages?

Basic Assumptions

If you are likely to Merge Facebook Pages, then the following has to be true:

  1. You are an admin of the two pages
  2. The webpages have similar titles and signify the Identical Small Business.
  3. The webpages have equal physical places.

If at least one of these things are not accurate, you will not have the ability to combine the webpages. Before changing any one of these items to allow them to qualify, be sure it’s something that you ought to do in the first location.

What Happens?

Before you combine the webpage, only a short note to describe what happens.

The following things will be united in the merged Page into the webpage:

  1. The Men and Women who enjoy your webpages
  2. Any check-ins

The following things will be missing from the merged webpage rather than blended to the new one:

  • Articles
  • Pictures
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Username

The Page will essentially be unchanged, aside from the accession of webpage enjoys and check-ins in the merged webpage. The merged webpage is going to be eliminated from Facebook.

Ensure this is something you wish to do until you do it since the mix can’t be reversed.

To merge your Pages:

  1. Proceed into facebook.com/pages/merge.
  2. Select two Pages which you would like to combine and then click Continue.
  3. Click on Request Merge.

If you cannot combine your Pages, it usually means your Pages are not qualified to be merged. If you find the option to ask to unite your Pages, then we will review your petition.

If your Pages could be merged, then the men and women who enjoy your Pages and some other check-ins will be mixed, but articles, photographs, reviews, evaluations, and also the webpage will be deleted in the Page which you mix. The Page you would like to keep will probably stay unchanged, but for the accession of individuals who enjoy the web page and check-ins merged in another Page. The Page that you do not need to store will be taken out on Facebook, and you will not have the ability to unmerge it.

Notice: If your Pages are around the Company Manager, you can visit business.facebook.com/pages/merge to unite them.

Merging Facebook Pages – What Facebook Does Not Tell You

Based on Facebook, you can combine replicate Pages that you handle. This alternative is available for Pages that signify precisely the identical item and have similar names. It is possible to combine the Page with fewer enjoys to the one with much more enjoys’.

I have worked with different local Myrtle Beach firms who desired to unite duplicate pages and’ve heard quite a bit on the way. But first, let’s take a look at how folks wind up with pages. There are two chief motives for having duplicate pages:

1) The organization owner or a worker initially set their FB accounts as an individual profile but has been using it for the company. Facebook prohibits this. (read the conditions of Service here) In the previous year or so, I have personally assisted a minimum of five companies in converting their private profile into a webpage. (Most accounts holders recognized their error and made a webpage, so inadvertently generating duplicate pages)

2) Many regional small business owners using a physical place who didn’t produce their small company webpage on Facebook locate multiple Facebook webpages made by client check-ins. One of my customers had six of these pages until she made her very own Page. Each checkup webpage needed a slightly different spelling, and a few had lots of check-ins.

You’ve got over a Facebook Page…now what?

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As mentioned previously, Facebook offers you directions about the best way best to merge duplicate pages, from ensuring the names fit to wherever your merge work are discovered on your admin panel, however more often than not, merging is not as easy as it seems, or plain does not do the job. Below are a few additional suggestions on attempting to merge pages. I wish I had had a record such as this when I started.

  1. Begin with a strategy! Discover how many areas webpages have been (inadvertently) made for your industry. Do that by doing a Facebook search. (Hint: Occasionally, the hunt on FB Mobile will show an excess page not found on the tabletop. I suggest performing the hunt double.) Write down the number of check-ins and enjoys for every webpage. They are assessing all areas of webpages, one by you.
  2. Start consolidating the area’s pages. The majority of these pages have little if any content apart from the check-ins and therefore are a hassle. Merging these into a page will help the future in the merging procedure, and there is no concern about dropping material when there is no one on the webpage.
  3. As the admin of 2 or more replicate pages, begin updating the data to prepare for your merge by copying all of the public information on the webpage (email addresses, site, etc.); however, retain the logo picture marginally differently. In this way, it’s easy to comprehend with the Page you’re working on — expertise with working with a single customer with four replicate pages taught me!
  4. Right before you’re ready to combine, be sure all info and classes are the same. Suppose a person is recorded as a local business, yet the other is recorded as a consulting organization. In that case, even when they have precisely the identical title, the merge won’t happen.

These small details are helpful to my customers while we had been in the process of blending.

Would you add anything for this? I want to learn whether you’ve already become successful in consolidating pages!


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