7 Steps To Fix Mediacom Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

Mediacom is one of the best internet service providers. They also offer TV cable and telephone services. In this article, however, we will be focusing on internet connections. If your Mediacom internet connection drops frequently, it could be a problem with the infrastructure. We will be sharing some of the reasons for your internet connection dropping and the best ways to fix it.

Troubleshoot Mediacom Internet Connection Loss Frequently

1. ISP Infrastructure

First, the infrastructure can be blamed if your internet connection drops. This is because ISPs can’t cater to the large audience. Mediacom will be able to confirm the issue. They can be reached at +1 888 69 00 if you have any questions about service drops. If it is an infrastructural problem, you will have to wait for them. If everything goes well at their end, then we can start troubleshooting.

2. Cable Defects

The internet connection will drop if the cable connecting the router/modem and the computer is damaged. It is best to have the cables replaced. This will likely fix the problem. It is better to use weather-resistant cables, and to keep them out the range, to make sure your cables are safe. We understand that cables can be costly.

3. Network overload

This can lead to network congestion on a larger scale, or at your house. You should reduce the number of connected devices in your home to avoid overloading the network. You should avoid downloading large files or streaming Netflix videos from your phone.

4. Wi-Fi Strength

The signal strength of an internet connection will drop if it is located at the edge. It is best to move closer to your router/modem as it will improve signal strength and promise strong signals.

5. Signal Interferences

Modern homes have many wireless devices that can interfere in internet signals. If there are any refrigerators, baby watches, or radios around, you can reposition the router/modem so that the signals are not affected. Once you have done this, reduce interference and your connection will be active.

6. Dated drivers

Mediacom users who experience internet connection drops may have outdated firmware or network adapters. This is why you need to check the device manager and locate the advanced drivers for your router/modem/computer. You can also check this information at the Mediacom website.

7. Power Cycling

We recommend that you reboot your router/modem if the internet connection drops or is not working. It is recommended that you restart your smartphone, laptop, or any other device that requires an internet connection. It will take care of minor issues automatically so make sure to restart everything.

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