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Top 10 Salesforce Marketing Cloud data views

A bit more than one year ago, we compiled our list of the top 10 information viewpoints in the Salesforce advertising Cloud. Now we chose this listing may use an upgrade. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud platform varies quickly, and a part of our task will be to maintain, adapting so. That is the reason why we chose to discuss our findings within this revised post, the best 10 data perspectives in SFMC [upgraded ].

What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud data views?

Information viewpoints are system-generated tables (or information extensions (DEs) from Salesforce advertising Cloud (SFMC). They feature different information regarding events and subscribers like email/SMS sends, email opens, or even hyperlinks clicked. You might even see behavioural details like mails offered for friends or even your readers’ standing and contacts. Additionally, it is possible to observe the bounce speed using information viewpoints in SFMC. In general, there are 24 distinct data perspectives in SFMC, which you could look at here.

Unlike with info extensions, you can not find info perspectives in the standard overview, and that’s exactly precisely the reason why some entrepreneurs might not have heard of these. It’s possible to use data perspectives to make questions from the Marketing Cloud utilizing SQL. In case you are not too knowledgeable and want to leverage significant information found in data views, you may use third-party no-code options like DESelect.

We have a wonderful guide on how you can leverage information viewpoints in Marketing Cloud to prevent advertising pressure which introduces one to querying data viewpoints in Marketing Cloud, utilizing SQL and DESelect.

However, this guide’s objective will be to provide a listing of the ten most crucial data viewpoints to utilize in SFMC — particularly if you use Mail Studio. So let us get into it.

Top 10 data views in SFMC [updated]


Utilizing this information perspective, you can determine which accounts are readers in SFMC, besides understanding their standing.

Please look at this article where we describe how to exclude lately targeted audiences out of your upcoming effort.


This information view is utilized to discover the information on email clicks out of your effort in SFMC.


Utilizing this information view, you’ll discover info on bounces from your email campaigns in Salesforce advertising Cloud.


This information view permits you to acquire details regarding email send work in SFMC. It features email, accounts, occupation, and event-related information.


Utilizing this information perspective, you can acquire information on unsubscribes.


The _Open data view includes info about email opens inside SFMC.


Utilizing this data perspective, you can discover readers to whom communication has been delivered from the Salesforce advertising Cloud account.

For example, you want to acquire the specifics of Contacts who haven’t got any mails in the previous 14 days. Curious how to extract this info in SFMC? Could you have a look at our guide?


This information view concerns advice concerning the Journey Builder. For example, it stores all the information regarding the travel’s standing, the date it was made, altered, made, and continue modified, variant ID, and the amount.


Utilizing this information view, you can get info concerning the readers on your SFMC accounts online lists. It includes information concerning the contributor, along with the email and unsubscribes info. This information view consists of the news about readers located about the Triggered Send Managed List.

10.Data View FTAF

Query this information perspective from Automation Studio to see behavioural information associated with email messages out of the Marketing Cloud accounts offered to friends.


Within this guide, we joined the best 10 data perspectives for Salesforce advertising Cloud which may be utilized to segment your audience to your upcoming email campaigns. Marketing Cloud data perspectives have a great deal of relevant information which may be used on your email or cellular campaigns.

Using DESelect, you can readily create sections based on information viewpoints without needing to use SQL. If you are interested in observing how it functions, reserve a demonstration with a few of those DESelect professionals.


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