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T-Mobile Amplified vs Magenta: What’s The Difference?

T-Mobile is a top-rated US service provider and it’s not hard to see why. T-Mobile offers great services at very affordable prices. To sweeten the deal, T-Mobile offers exclusive discounts which make them the best choice for anyone looking to change their phone carrier to T-Mobile. T-Mobile advertises it as “Savings more than $900 over Verizon”. This includes certain calculations such as multiple lines or usage.

A user can save on average more than $10 per month by using a single line. This is a very attractive deal since it offers a network that is comparable to any major carrier in terms of speed, coverage, and features. There are many plans you can choose from to save even more. You will need to consider your needs when choosing the plan you want. It is easy to get confused between Magenta and Amplified. Here’s a fair comparison.

T-Mobile Amplified Vs Magenta

T-Mobile Amplified

T-Mobile Amplified should be your choice if switching carriers. If you don’t have enough money to pay your carrier settlement or you are subject to a contract, T-Mobile will cover that cost. It covers up to $650 which is quite a substantial amount.

You will also get T-Mobile Tuesday with this amazing plan, which offers special rewards and stuff every Tuesday if the T-Mobile app is installed on your smartphone. The base price will be the only cost for the services, and the rest will be yours to keep. You won’t be charged any hidden or additional fees. This is a huge advantage considering how mobile carriers are this day. Every month you see the bill, it can shock you. It can be a hassle to get them settled with some carriers that don’t offer the right support package.

Amplified’s crowning glory is the free Netflix subscription if you subscribe to two or more lines that qualify for the Amplified package. Amplified is a package for corporate employees. You must be eligible for it. Before you get too excited, check with your employer to see if you are eligible to subscribe to the Amplified plan.

You don’t have to pay anything extra for voice, text, or data. All you need is a fixed monthly charge per line. The best thing is that you can save more on each line the more lines you add to your package. Make sure you check the eligibility criteria.


T-Mobile Magenta is another great option and you can get it at a lower price. This plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data on T-Mobile’s network so that you can have a seamless mobile experience. You will also enjoy the best 5G service with maximum coverage all over the country. You also have a lot of great options, including weekly freebies in the form of deals, offers, and a Netflix subscription. You can also stream SD on your mobile network, and get 3GB of hotspot data from Magenta.

You can also get a dedicated customer support team to assist you if you have magenta subscribers. This plan is only available to certain types of organizations and institutions, such as veterans and educational employees. To ensure that you are eligible for the package, you’ll need to verify eligibility with your employer.


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