6 Ways To Fix Orange Light On Linksys Velop Router

Everyone who has used Wi-Fi before is aware that owning the most capable router possible is an essential component of the system. This is possible as a result of the fact that the router is responsible for transmitting the internal signals to the device. If you are experiencing problems with the orange light on your Linksys Velop router, you might consider switching to a different brand of router. We are therefore making the information contained in this article available to you!

What does it mean when the orange light comes on on the Linksys Velop router?

In the event that the node displays an orange light, this indicates that connectivity to the internet is available; however, the signals are not very strong. To put it another way, you are connected to the internet, but the signals are not strong enough for the connection to function properly. When the nodes in the Velop network are restarted, the Velop router will almost always display an orange light. Now, let’s find out how you can solve this problem!

1. Settings for the Configuration

To get started, you have to make sure that the configuration settings are accurate. This is due to the fact that using the Secure Easy Setup feature on the Linksys Velop could cause the setup settings to become corrupted. In light of this information, you are required to turn off the setup. To accomplish this, navigate to the advanced wifi settings section of the wireless tab in the settings, and then click on the Secure Easy Setup button. After that, you should simply turn it off and restart the router. The orange light will no longer be there once the router has been activated.

2. Reset

In the event that removing the Secure Easy Setup did not resolve the issue for you, we recommend that you perform a factory reset on the Linksys Velop router. In order to accomplish this, you will need to find the button on the router that says “reset” and hold it down for a full minute. After the initial thirty seconds, just remove the power cord and continue to hold down the reset button for an additional thirty seconds. Now that you have finished, you can let go of this button to reset the router.

3. Firewall

If the problem with the orange light is still there after you have performed the reset, you should disable the firewall on your desktop computer or laptop. There is a better possibility that this will fix the problem. This is due to the fact that having an excessive number of firewalls on the computer will result in troubles with a weak internet signal. If you turn off the firewall, the internet signals should start working again, according to our best estimates.

4. Ping

Earlier, there was a possibility that the orange light may be resolved by turning off the firewall. However, if the orange light is still there after turning off the firewall, we recommend pinging the router. To achieve this goal, you will need to access the official Linksys Velop router webpage in order to perform a ping.

5. Assigning IP Addresses

When it comes to the IP, you must check to see that the router is configured to use a static IP address. This is due to the fact that the public IP address will not function correctly on the Velop router, which will have a negative impact on the strength of the internet signal. If you give the router a fixed IP address, you can avoid having to deal with the internet problem ever again.

6. Change out the Network Router

In the event that you are unable to resolve the issues with the orange light on the Linksys Velop router, there is a possibility that the router has developed a fault. In addition to this, there is a greater possibility of hardware problems. Therefore, it would be best if you just got a new router instead of trying to fix the old one!