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is it possible to scan and edit a document?



So you’ve just had a scanned copy of a Word document and want to make changes to it. That’s great, but you don’t have the original hard copy of the paper from which the printout was produced. How do you go about editing it? Is there a scanner editor that you might use to scan the text and then edit it? It all appears to be the kind of high-tech stuff that necessitates some fairly pricey purchases in order to put together the machines required to edit a simple text. Obviously, that isn’t a viable business strategy. If only there was a more straightforward method… But there’s more!

Optical character recognition, or OCR, is a widely used technology that converts scanned documents into editable soft copy documents that can then be easily edited. OCR is available from a variety of software vendors, including Adobe OCR. One of these tech companies is Microsoft.

If you have a scanned copy of a text that you want to edit, you will use Word to do so. Scan the copy, then convert it to an editable document in Microsoft OneNote and submit it to Microsoft Word. Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking and preparation program included in the Microsoft Office suite. It can read a wide variety of documents, including PDFs, and perform OCR on them.

Microsoft OneNote can capture any images and text in the document and send them to Word, where you can easily edit them, assuming you scanned it properly. All of this is a simple procedure that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Open the Microsoft OneNote application

You must first open Microsoft OneNote on your device. Microsoft OneNote is relatively simple to locate. Begin by going to the Start menu and looking for the Microsoft Office folder. In the list of Microsoft Office apps, you’ll find Microsoft OneNote. After you’ve opened OneNote, go to the top right-hand corner of the window and press the “New Page” button. There will be a new note made.

Open the “Insert Picture” window.

A button called “Insert” is located at the top of the window. Select the “Picture” choice from the images category at the top by clicking on this button. A window called “Insert Image” will appear.

Insert the Image

Select the file containing the image of the scanned document by searching for it and clicking on the “Insert” button. Your note will be updated with the picture.

Extract Text From Image

Right-click on the image you just imported and select “Copy Text from Photo” from the drop-down menu.

  1. Start a new Word document.
  2. Start Microsoft Word and build a new document if you haven’t already.
  3. Text to Document Import
  4. Right-click inside the document and select “Keep Source Formatting” from the drop-down menu under the “Paste” options.
  5. Create a New Document
  6. Your current paper will now have the text from the printed document. You are free to make any changes you want.
  7. On Your PC, How to Edit a Scanned Document

These simple instructions will show you how to edit PDFs in Word.

If you have a scanned document and want to make improvements to it, Microsoft Word provides a simple solution for those who don’t want to spend the money on Adobe Acrobat. Continue reading to learn how to use Word to edit a scanned text.

How to Use Word to Edit a PDF

As long as the scanned documents are in PDF format, you can edit them in Word. If the document was scanned as an image, however, you’ll need to convert it to a PDF first. The converted PDF can then be edited in Word.

Scan and save your paper as a PDF. Every scanner is a little different, but they all have this function.

After that, find and open the PDF in Word. To make Word look for PDF files instead of Word files, select the drop-down menu to the right of the File name field, then select PDF Files.

Word alerts you that it is about to convert your PDF document to a Word document that you can edit. Pick OK and that’s exactly what you want it to do.

The text is converted into an editable file by Word. You may use the highlighter, make notes, change the text, insert images or tables, and adjust the margins. You can do whatever you like with this file that you can do with any other Word document.

What Kinds of PDF Files Can You Edit in Word?

Despite Word’s warnings that the file can not look exactly like the original, it typically converts the text and format correctly. It recognizes headlines and inserts tab indents.

It also converts complex documents remarkably well. It transforms forms into editable Word Tables, adds pictures, and makes educated guesses about colors and other challenging objects. However, as a general rule, the more complex the document is, the more editing it will need to make it look the way you want.

How to Use Word to Convert an Edited PDF File Back to a PDF

You’re done if all you wanted to do was edit a scanned document, but Word can also save the document as a PDF. If you want to edit a PDF but don’t want to pay for Adobe’s full-featured version of Acrobat, Word works well as a stand-in, particularly for simple documents.

In Word, make any necessary adjustments to your text. You can insert tables, modify fonts, edit text, add images, and do everything else you can with a Word document.

Save the Word document to your computer.

Pick File > Save a Copy and choose a location to save the file when you’re ready to generate a new PDF from this edited file. Then, from the File Type drop-down menu, choose PDF and Save.

With older versions of Word, you can convert an edited PDF file back to PDF.

This method isn’t as simple if you’re using an older version of Term. You’ll need to use OCR software to convert your PDF files to text. However, the results will not be as attractive, the process will not be as smooth, and the results will not be as crisp and simple to work with, particularly if your printout is messy or your font is odd.

How to use any mobile device to edit scanned PDF documents

PDF files are widely used not only in industry but also in other areas of existence. Whenever you need to download a printable file, an eBook, research content, or a business template from the internet, you can do so in PDF format. People are receiving more scanned PDF files than ever before, thanks to the rise in scanner use and new scanning apps, as well as the paperless movement. The issue with scanned PDF is that extracting data from a scanned image necessitates the use of special OCR technology. We’ll show you how to handle these files on any mobile device today.

Convert a scanned PDF file to a Word document.

Since Microsoft Word and similar alternative items are very easy to use when it comes to text editing, PDF to Word conversion is the most popular method of file conversion. Many business contracts, notes, study reports, inventory lists, legal forms, and other common documents are written in Word and then saved as PDF files to be printed. When you need to edit a paper document that was created as a result of such work but don’t have the original, scanning the paper and extracting material from the scanned PDF file is the best option. Logic dictates that you convert the PDF to Word and make the necessary adjustments there.

There are a plethora of mobile apps that convert PDF files to Word, but not all of them support OCR. A scanned PDF file cannot be edited without OCR technology. A non-editable text image pasted into a Word document will be the end product of the conversion.

Cometdocs.com is one of these apps that converts scanned files to Word, and you can learn how to edit and convert scanned documents to PDF here. PDf to Word Converter is the name of the program. It’s a straightforward software that provides a straightforward solution for editing scanned documents.

To use it, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the app from the app store for iOS or Android, depending on your platform.
  2. Start the app and import the file from your smartphone or tablet if you have a scanned PDF document on your computer.
  3. If your scanned PDF file is in the cloud, open the app and choose the appropriate cloud service: Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Gmail, Box, OneDrive.
  4. If you don’t have a digital version of a paper document, you can scan it and convert it to an editable document.

How to Make Changes to a Transformed Document

It will take one hour to convert a PDF file after you upload it. You don’t have to keep the app open in the meantime. You will be informed when the converted file is ready to download, and the converted file will appear in the app. The converted Word document, however, cannot be edited inside the app.

To edit a Word document you need to tap on the Share button and open the document in MS Word app or any similar app that acts as a text editor.

You are free to use the software as much as you like and to submit any other scanned PDF files to be converted. The wait time is approximately one hour, but it varies depending on the number of files you upload at once and the size of those files.

Edit PDFs that have been scanned

Acrobat can convert scanned documents into editable PDFs with ease. When you open a scanned document for editing, Acrobat runs OCR (optical character recognition) in the background, converting the document into an editable image and text using the document’s correctly recognized fonts. In addition, a prompt appears in the upper-right corner, displaying the recognized OCR script. If you want to modify the OCR language, it also directs you to the settings button.

Instead of converting the whole document at once, the current page is translated to editable text by design. The page in focus becomes editable when you switch from one page to the next.

Having this type of app is certainly beneficial, particularly if you are constantly completing tasks at the eleventh hour.


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