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Is Assurance Wireless And Safelink The Same


Assurance Wireless vs Safelink- Comparing 6 Features

What Is Assurance Wireless Anyway?

People with low incomes can get assurance wireless from the government. These services currently include two-fifty minutes of free, unlimited messages and free monthly mobile data. To be eligible for this program, you must meet certain criteria. A person can be granted a free phone if they meet all requirements.

The service will include sending a voice mail, placing a call on hold, and providing the number of the caller. There will be no hidden fees for the mobile phone; it will come completely free. Virgin Wireless offers mobile phones and unlimited minutes. These services can vary from one state to the next.

What is Safelink Wireless?

Safelink Wireless is a TracFone Wireless Inc. service for people with limited resources. Safelink wireless provides unlimited messages and one thousand open minutes every month. The government offers free mobile phones to anyone who is financially disadvantaged and families with very little income.

These services are only available to those who meet the eligibility requirements. Each state has its requirements. These requirements are determined by a person’s participation or income below the poverty level as defined by the United States.

Comparison of Assurance Wireless vs Safelink Wireless

Assurance Wireless

1. Network Used

Assurance wireless services use the Sprint network.

2. Rules In Case of Replacement

If you lose or have been robbed of your mobile phone, contact customer service immediately. You must immediately take action to prevent unauthorized or illegal access to your account. The company will replace the lost or stolen mobile phone. It won’t come at any cost. This replacement might be paid for by the company.

3. Get Text Message Offers and Costs

As part of the assurance wireless service, you can get 250 minutes free and unlimited text messages. If someone needs more talk time or texts, they can pay extra. Virgin Mobile offers a variety of Top-Up cards at different prices. These cards can be purchased according to what offers you wish to receive. You can choose from three different price options for these cards: 5 Dollars, 20 Dollars, or 30 Dollars.

  • For 5 Dollars, you can get 500 minutes and messages
  • For 20 dollars, you can get 1000 minutes and 1000 messages
  • For only 30 dollars, you can have unlimited minutes, messages, or internet access

4. Activate Services

To activate your assurance wireless services, it’s very easy. You will first need to turn on your phone to check for the latest updates. Next, turn off your phone. Once your phone is turned on again, you will see the latest features. To activate your mobile phone, dial 611 for more information.

5. Insurance Policy

Assurance wireless’s official website states that they do not provide insurance and don’t give any information about the guarantee they offer. These products and services are covered by a one-year guarantee. The company will replace the phone if it is damaged during the first year of coverage. It could be the same model as the one before it, or it might be something completely different.

6. Eligibility Requirements

If a person is enrolled in any public assistance program, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, they can meet the eligibility requirements to use assurance wireless services. When applying for assurance wireless services, a person with less income and limited resources can provide proof of their income.

Safelink Wireless

1. Network Used

Safelink wireless services utilize TracFone, which acts as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

2. Rules In Case of Replacement

The customer service number should be contacted immediately if a person’s mobile phone is lost or stolen. The company will make sure that the mobile phone is permanently disabled. The company will provide replacements for lost or stolen phones or allow customers to give their current mobile phone and purchase a new SIM card.

3. Get Text Message Offers and Costs

Safelink wireless service offers 1000 open text messages at first. The service policy states that if a customer uses more than 1000 text messages or minutes, they will be charged additional fees.

  • If the number of text messages exceeds 68 minutes, the extra cost per text will be 0.06.
  • If the number of text messages exceeds 125 minutes, the extra cost per text will be 0.06.
  • The additional text cost is 0.06 if the free minutes exceed 250 minutes.

4. Activate Services

Two ways can you activate Safelink on mobile phones Simply text REACT to 611611 if you have a company-provided mobile phone. To check the status of your mobile phone, log in to your account if you are activating it the first time.

5. Insurance Policy

Safelink’s official website states that they do not provide insurance and don’t give any information about the guarantee they offer. The Safelink policy clearly states that there is no guarantee on the products or services they offer. Products and services may have a one-year guarantee.

6. Eligibility Requirements

If a person is already receiving government support, such as housing assistance, they can apply for Safelink services. These services can be obtained based on Medicaid or food stamps.

The person can apply if the family’s income is low and no family member is receiving services from Safelink. An authentic US residential address must be provided by the applicant to receive mail from the United States post office.


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