Five Computer Science Blogs For Students

Computer science blogs are a great way to help students make sure that their education in computer science is as comprehensive as possible. Although computer science undergraduate courses can be quite dense, it is possible to let one’s education become too narrow in the source. Students can gain a more comprehensive view of computer science by reading blogs and other computer science articles. Students will be better equipped to understand complex topics in computer science. They’ll also be able to contribute more to the field simply because they have had the opportunity to learn from more professionals than those who direct their academic programs.

These are just a few of the top computer science blogs that students can visit if they want to learn more about computer science than what they have been learning in class.

Ernie’s 3D Pancakes

This blog was started and maintained by Jeff Erickson. Erickson is a computer science professor who has a passion for computational theory. Erickson’s content is primarily computer science-focused, but students with an interest in more mathematical and theoretical aspects of computer science might be interested in Erickson’s material.

Jason Ernst’s Computer Science blog

The mobile industry is one of the most frequently mentioned areas in computer science discussions. With the global mobile takeover, the mobile industry is becoming more important and pervasive every day, computational proficiency has never been more essential. This blog is a great resource for computer science students who want to better understand the connection between computer science practices and everyday wireless solutions.

Added blog

This blog’s author is Jeff Erickson, a computer science professor who also dabbles in other branches of computer science technology. This blog focuses on relating computer science to everyday probability situations, such as simple bar bets or high-stakes gambling at casinos. This blog is for those who are interested in learning more about computer science and how it can be applied to everyday situations with a chance.

Haystack Blog

This blog was created and contributed by the MIT CSail Research team. Its purpose is to give readers a broad range of computer science-related topics, such as the Semantic Web or digital intelligence collection. Students who want to get a deeper look at niche areas in computer science may find this blog a great option.

Blown to Bits Blog

This blog was created as a result of a Harvard-MIT joint course. It has quickly become one of the most trusted resources for information about the effects of computer science on people’s daily lives. Although there are not many people left in the First World that fully understand the significance of digital technology, this blog will take you beyond the surface and break it down into smaller, more detailed pieces.

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