Our IP Telephony And VoIP Identical? (Answered)

Both IP and VoIP are often confused. Many people confuse them, while others mistakenly believe they are the same. They can be somewhat similar, but not identical in their entirety. Although IP and VoIP may be interchangeable in their essence and purpose, they are completely different function-wise.

VoIP was first used to refer to technology that allows route calls to be made over a network. VoIP technology has evolved and changed over time. This is why VoIP users need a dedicated VoIP network. We will be discussing the origin and functionality of VoIP and IP telephony in more detail.

What is IP Telephony?

IP telephony refers to the hardware needed to make a VoIP phone call. It is okay to say that VoIP is a subset of IP telephony. For VoIP services, companies typically use IP telephony.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a digital service that allows IP calls to be placed. VoIP allows you to have voice services via your mobile phone. It uses the data in your network instead of the minutes you have been allotted.

Histories and Digital Background of IP and VoIP:

The rise in digital communication at all levels, both domestic and business, was evident in the early digital age. Over the years it has been established that the majority of businesses use IP Telephony to reduce communications costs, improve employee-employer interactions and provide sufficient service to staff. They believed that IP telephony would allow for better communication between the workplace and their customers. It was 100% accurate.

VoIP is now available for domestic users. VoIP technology has enabled users to connect with distant relatives and friends easily, and at a very affordable price. VoIP users don’t need to be separated by distances.

IP Telephony and VoIP are Partially the Same. How does this happen?

As we have discussed, there is no easy answer to the question about the similarities between VoIP and IP telephony. Both terms would appear identical if we looked at them non-technically. They are somewhat similar in technical terms, but there is a subtle distinction.

Most people find it easy to use VoIP or IP Telephony terms for a call they’ve made via VoIP. They would sound very technical using the term VoIP. This is why many people mistake VoIP for IP Telephony.

We can see a great difference between VoIP telephony (IP telephony) and VoIP. This is because VoIP is a protocol called VoIP. How is this possible? Because IP telephony is an infrastructure that supports VoIP. VoIP uses the IP to make voice calls, even though the standard switched telephone network still uses analog signals. The IP telephony structure consisted of IP phones, IP routers, and IP-personal branch exchanges. It also includes the main switches. For a robust VoIP system, this network-oriented infrastructure is essential.

Another difference is the number of options available to make a free phone call over VoIP. Downloading any voice-oriented app that allows you to use your phone is the fastest way. IP telephony does not offer similar services. You pay the phone bill and the charges that the carrier charges you for each call.


VoIP and IP Telephony are often used interchangeably to describe digitally connected communications. People often wonder if they are the same thing. VoIP and IP telephony do not share the same essence or purpose. Below is a more detailed explanation.

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