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IBM and The Coding School 

The IBM Quantum and Qiskit teams are committed to making quantum computing education accessible and affordable to all students. Today, we’re announcing a collaboration with The Coding School, where IBM will sponsor up to 5,000 students the chance to take an intensive eight-month Introduction to Quantum Computing online course. Students can apply here.

From October 2020 to May 20,21, accepted students will be enrolled in a full-year course entitled “Qubit By Qubit’s Intro to Quantum Computing”. It consists of lectures, labs, and problem sets. This course is for high school students who have not had any prior experience with quantum computing. It will be taught by MIT and Oxford quantum researchers. With the guidance of Francisca Vasconcelos (a Rhodes Scholar and MIT grad) and Amir Karamlou (a Graduate Fellow in MIT’s Engineering Quantum Systems group, and the lead instructor for MIT’s Introduction to Quantum Computing winter course), students will learn how to use Qiskit and IBM Quantum. High school students are encouraged to apply.

Quantum computing has the potential to transform the world, but there are limited opportunities to make quantum available to students in K-12 schools or the general public. IBM and The Coding School are proud partners to provide the next generation with the skills needed for the future work environment: quantum computing.

Coding School students

The Coding School (TCS), a non-profit 501(c(3) tech education organization, was founded in 2014. It has taught over 15,000 students how to code from more than 60 countries. TCS and the IBM Quantum and Qiskit teams shared a common mission to create a diverse, inclusive and global quantum workforce. They also wanted to provide a high-quality, affordable quantum computing education to as wide an audience as possible. TCS has hosted over 70% of the students in its previous quantum courses.

This announcement highlights the dedication of Qiskit and IBM Quantum to this mission. The Qiskit Global Summer School was a two-week, free introductory quantum computing course that 4084 students came from 101 countries. Meanwhile, universities around the world have already begun teaching Quantum Computing with our comprehensive Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit textbook, while we recently announced IBM-HBCU Quantum Center is partnering with Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the United States to find and develop top talent from a truly diverse pool of candidates.

We are at an early stage in the history of quantum computing, so we have the opportunity to influence the foundations of the future’s quantum computer ecosystem. Our program promotes quantum computing education for a diverse and global community that can influence the direction of this technology to make the greatest, most positive impact possible on society. There are still many challenges to overcome before we see a quantum computer that can solve complex computational problems. Education access should not be a barrier to any student who is passionate about making a difference, regardless of their geographical location.

TCS has partnered with 30 schools around the globe to offer this course for high-school credit. You can reach quantum@the-cs.org if you are interested in offering Qubit By Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing to credit your school.

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity and hope that you will consider joining. The course will begin on October 18, 2020. Applicants will be accepted in two rounds, on October 9th and October 15th. Only late applicants will be accepted if there is sufficient course capacity. Individuals are advised to apply as soon as possible. Find out more and apply for the program here. __S.28__


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