You’ve been meaning to catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale but life has just gotten in the way. You’re not sure when you’ll have time to sit down and watch a whole season of television. Well, Hulu’s new “mark as watched” feature is about to make your life a lot easier. No longer will you have to keep track of which episode you’re on or where you left off. With this new feature, you can simply mark an entire season as watched and pick up where you left off at any time. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Hulu’s new “mark as watched” feature so that you can finally get around to watching that show you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Is Mark As Watched Option Available On Hulu?

Yes, the “Mark as Watched” option is available on Hulu. You can find it under the “Episodes” tab in the main menu.

What is Hulu Mark as Watched?

Hulu’s “Mark as Watched” function allows users to keep track of which episodes of a show they have watched. This is especially useful when watching a show that has multiple seasons, as it can be difficult to remember which episodes you have seen. Hulu keeps track of your watching progress for each show you watch on the site, so you can always pick up where you left off. You can access the “Mark as Watched” function from the drop-down menu on any show page. Simply select the episode you want to mark as watched and click the “Mark as Watched” button. You can also mark an entire season as watched by selecting the “Season” option from the drop-down menu.

How to Use Hulu Mark as Watched?

Assuming you have a Hulu account (if you don’t, you can sign up for one at, there are a few ways to “mark as watched” on Hulu.

If you’re using the desktop website, simply hover over the show or movie you want to mark as watched and click the checkmark icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner. This will add the title to your “Watched” list on your profile page.

If you’re using the mobile app, open up the show or movie you want to mark as watched and tap on the overflow menu in the upper right-hand corner (it looks like three dots). From there, tap “Mark as Watched” and it will be added to your list.

You can also mark episodes of a show as watched by going to your “My Stuff” page and clicking on “Shows.” From there, find the show you want to mark episodes of and click on the checkmark next to each episode that you’ve seen.

Pros and Cons of Hulu Mark as Watched

There are many reasons you might want to mark a show as watched on Hulu. Maybe you’re trying to keep track of what you’ve seen, or maybe you want to be able to easily find something to watch that you haven’t seen before. Whatever the reason, marking a show as watched can be a helpful way to organize your Hulu experience.

However, there are also some potential downsides to marking a show as watched on Hulu. For one thing, it’s possible that you might accidentally mark a show as watched when you didn’t actually mean to. Additionally, marking too many shows as watched can make it more difficult to find something new to watch, since everything will appear as though you’ve already seen it.

Overall, whether or not you choose to mark a show as watched on Hulu is up to you and will likely depend on your personal preferences. If you’re someone who likes to keep track of everything they’ve seen, then marking shows as watched can be a helpful way to do so. However, if you prefer more spontaneity in your TV viewing habits, then avoiding the “watched” tag altogether may be the best option for you.

How to Turn Off Hulu Mark as Watched?

If you’re done watching a show on Hulu but don’t want it to appear as “Watched” in your account, there are a few ways you can go about this. One is to simply hover over the show and click the check mark next to the title; this will turn off the “Watched” status for that specific episode. Alternatively, you can head to your Account settings and under “Watch History,” select “Do not keep track of what I watch.” This will stop Hulu from tracking your watching habits altogether.

Why Is Watermarking a Video Necessary?

Watermarking a video is necessary for a number of reasons. First, it helps to ensure that the video is not pirated or copied without permission. Second, it can help to prevent unauthorized distribution of the video. Third, watermarks can help to identify the source of the video, which can be helpful if there are any copyright issues. Finally, watermarks can help to protect the quality of the video by ensuring that it is not tampered with or altered in any way.

In the future, will it be possible to use Hulu to mark videos as having been watched?

Yes, it will be possible to use Hulu to mark videos as having been watched in the future. Hulu is constantly improving its user interface and features, so this feature is likely to be added in the near future. As of now, there is no way to mark videos as having been watched on Hulu.

Is There Any Other Way To Make Hulu Think That You’ve Already Watched A Video?

Yes, there is another way to make Hulu think that you’ve already watched a video. You can use a VPN (virtual private network) to spoof your location and trick Hulu into thinking you’re in a different country. This method is not foolproof, however, as Hulu may eventually catch on and block your IP address.

Why Doesn’t Hulu Have an Option to Mark Content as Already Watched?

There are a few potential reasons as to why Hulu doesn’t have an option to mark content as already watched. One possibility is that Hulu is still ironing out the details of its user interface and functionality. Another possibility is that Hulu wants users to watch more ads or encourage users to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to get this feature. Whatever the reason, not having this feature can be frustrating for users who want to keep track of what they’ve watched on Hulu.


Hulu’s “Mark as Watched” feature is a great way to keep track of the shows you’ve seen and the ones you haven’t. It’s also a great way to share your Hulu progress with friends and family. So go ahead and give it a try! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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