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HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 Not Working – How To Fix It?

The HP thunderbolt dock G2 may not be working for you. Refer to the manual to determine the problem. This could be due to an incorrect connection between Thunderbolt program, dock station or another cause.

You can refer to these steps and guidelines if you are not able to resolve the problem by yourself.

Why HP Thunderbolt Dock 2 isn’t working

Reason 1.

The main menu of your camera will present a variety of icons and options to customize the settings. You can change the Movie Cropping Quality, Sound Recording Quality and Movie Cropping Time Code using the main Camera settings.

Reason 2.

It connects via the USB-C connector to an external screen through the display port. The laptop generally works well. However, it is possible to have problems with the connection and functionality within a few days. Before setting up a Thunderbolt connection, make sure that you verify that your external system has authorized it. Follow these steps to verify.

Recommendations for HP thunderbolt dock-G2 that aren’t functioning

Check the status of your device authorization

Step 1.

Right-click the Thunderbolt icon, which you can see in the system tray

Step 2.

Select the appropriate option to attach the device.

Step 3.

Click on the location where the Thunderbolt device is connected.

Step 4.

You will now see the dialogue box for Thunderbolt device approval appearing on your screen. Just tap on ‘approve the Thunderbolt Dock’.

Step 5.

You can also reopen the dialog box if you’ve lost it. Click on the message icon located in the system tray to do so.

You can check the security level option

The Thunderbolt security level option can be set to the display port user authentication to resolve the issue. These are the steps you need to take.

Step 1.

Simply turn on the computer or restart it and then press the F10 key to access the BIOS setup.

Step 2.

Select the advanced menu to see the Thunderbolt options. Select the Thunderbolt security level.

Step 3.

Change the Thunderbolt security setting option to user authentication. The menu will be displayed on the display port and PCI-e.

Step 4.

Select Save and then exit. To save configuration changes, select Yes. An alternative method of authentication is to use the computer keyboard instead of the external BitLocker pincode.

Run an update

Step 1.

First, update Windows (for Windows OS) or ios(for Mac OS).

Step 2.

Next, go to the advance option to change security for ports.

Step 3.

You will need to turn on port security using the drop-down list.

Step 4.

Once you have seen this, install media HXC driver. It comes with the Thunderbolt Secure Connection.

Step 5.

Now, restart your device. The Intel Thunderbolt firmware upgrade is now active.

Step 6.

After this process is completed, you will need to restart your device.



Find the docking station corresponding to your model. Visit the HP website. Write a “docking station” by name to locate the docking station. When done, go to the option “under compatibility.” Tap View all options, then check for the appropriate docking station.


Check the HP customer review website to make sure that the AC adaptor matches the docking station. Write the docking station’s name now. Select the manual option, and tap the guide to operation and maintenance. You can then compare the information at the bottom about the docking station with the details about power supply.


You have to clean the docking station’s links. For this, unlock the machine and turn off the docking station. Unplug the equipment and disconnect it from the wall plug. You can then make sure they are safe by cleaning the connections with compressed air.


Once your computer is closed, you can run the automatic fix. After the automated fix has been completed, connect the USB drive to the installation media. Start the PC. After that, set the language preference and fix the device. Go to Troubleshoot Advanced options now for an automated repair setup. Wait for the machine’s restart to take effect.

Bottom line, HP thunderbolt dock G2 does not work

Follow these steps to fix HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 issues and continue using your docking station as before.


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