WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) Driver Download and Setup for Hp Printer

Unfortunately, it’s not safe to try using the Windows operating system scanner. You see a mistake that tells you to use this machine with a WIA driver. You can be confused and unable to solve this issue. Don’t think about that. Don’t think. This is precisely a question that can be fixed easily.

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What's the Driver WIA?

A Windows model driver is WIA, Windows Image Acquisition. A WIA driver can use Windows Printer and Photoshop, such as a printer, to communicate.

If an outdated or unreliable WIA driver is missing, the error is: “You need a WIA driver to use it.” Follow the guide below to install the new WIA driver to fix this issue.

Fixes for ‘You have to use this computer with a WIA driver’:

It takes time, patience, and computer technology to mount your WIA car manually.


You can also use Driver Simple to help you find and update the WIA software automatically.

  1. Manually install a driver scanner for Windows Image Acquisition.
  2. The Windows Image Acquisition scanner is automatically enabled.

Method 1: Install the WIA Driver Scanner Manually

  1. As indicated in the error message, you can install the WIA driver on the manufacturer’s CD or Website.
  2. You still work alongside your scanner when you purchased your installation CD. Insert into the monitor and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. If you lose your CD, don’t care. Don’t care. The driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, such as HP, Canon, and KODAK.
  4. Go to the driver download page, which you usually find in the support section of your manufacturer.
  5. It is essential to add your product model. We’d even tell you to choose your Windows operating system.
  6. Download scanner driver. Scanner driver download.

Boot your Windows again and try to see if your files are scanned successfully.

Method 2: WIA driver scanner automatically installs

  1. If you’re not sure that drivers are downloaded or updated manually, allow Driver Easy to help. With his support, you can say goodbye to the driver’s headache and delays forever.
  2. Driver Easy recognizes and finds the right drivers for your system automatically. It would help if you did not fear to download and to install the wrong driver or worry about making a mistake.
  3. Download and install Driver Easy. Then turn on your Door.
  4. Click the button Check Now. In less than 1 minute, all issues with your machine driver will be detected. Your scanner driver is no exception.
  5. If you are trying Free edition, tap Update next to the scanner driver and install the correct version of the app. 

Reboot Windows and try scanning your files to see if it is successful. (Full assistance and a 30-day cash back guarantee for the Pro edition should be provided.)