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How To Setup Scan To Email On Xerox 6505dn?


How To Setup Scan To Email On Xerox 6505dn? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Xerox WorkCentre 6505/6515 MFDs in Houses

Technical Notes

Named are the printer and the print queueNUTH100-XWC6505(XeroxWOrkCEntre 6505/DN. The WorkCentre part indicates that it is a multi-function device and not a Phaser printer. The suffix D stands for duplex, and the N is for networking. These are standard abbreviations of Xerox or HP. There is a 250-sheet tray and a manual slot for feeding (not a tray). The device has an auto document feeder that can be used to scan documents, as well as true Adobe PostScript 3. You can purchase an additional 250-sheet tray, but it would be too tall to fit in the current Nutting House location.

Here’s theXeroxThis model’s product page is available this page contains links to documentation and is the Xerox support site for this model. The manuals were downloaded into SWARCHIVE\OriginalMedia\Xerox\WorkCentre6505\Docs, in case anyone wants a copy. Printing Services will have all consumables required by this device, as it is covered under the XRPS (formerly PagePack).

Print. ads use Xerox Global to create the Windows print queue. Driver for Print(X-GPD). PostScript is currently operating in Basic mode on this device. This model will be supported by the next driver upgrade. Windows clients can default to duplex printing by configuring the print queue. In default to grayscale, or the latter upon request by the operator.

Carleton’s LDAP servers were used to configure the device. Address bookIn Scan to Email, however, this feature isn’t documented and couldn’t be made work even with the assistance of Xerox tech support (who asked us to modify all settings on our LDAP server). Instead, it uses an internal Address Book which has 4 entries for the anticipated users and Nissan. The internal Address Book will be lost if the device is returned to its factory default configuration. This will need to be manually recreated. Hoppin House’s 6515 uses the Carleton LDAP addresses books so it does not require manual entry.

This device has only 5 “slots” in its Host Access List, which is used to lock down IP access from unauthorized computers so that all print jobs go through PaperCut. Colleague can’t reach the printer due to the limited number of slots. There is no EasySpooler IP address available, and only I have access to the papercut Web server. The 6515 at Hoppin House can support 25 slots and is therefore fully configured.

If an admin password has been set to secure the configuration settings (and features menu), it will be locked.config page shows the current page counts are also locked behind that password and there is no way to get around it. The device’s front console panel will display an error message when a user attempts to access any of the locked-out features. This job is not possible” should be understood to mean “Not allowed”

The device was set up to copy in black and white. In default the request of the operator.

The Carleton standards were used for all other settings, including the print queue and device settings.

How to Copy?

  1. Press the button on the MFP control panel. Clear AllClick the button to delete any previous settings.
  2. Load your original documents using the document glass single pages, paper, or books that are not able to be fed with the document feeder. Place the page on its face in the upper left corner of the document window (furthest from the control panel).
  3. Load your original documents using the document feeder multiple pages or single pages can be used without the use of staples or paper clips. Place the page(s), face down, “head in”. Adjust the paper guides to fit the originals.
  4. Press the button on the MFP control panel.CopyClick here
  5. Use the color ModeTo toggle between black&white or color (the default), click the button. The current setting is indicated by the green light.
  6. Enter the desired information using the MFP control panel keypad.The number of copies of the text “will be displayed in the upper right corner. Clear All to reset the number of copies at 1
  7. You can change any other copying options by pressing the Up or Down button.
  8. Use the start click here

How to print from Windows Computer?

  1. Make sure the printer name “is in the Printers folder of a college-owned Windows computer.NUTH100-XWC6505 on print” (or “on print.ads.carleton.edu”). If it isn’t, you can add it by following the instructions. this step 3a: Carlpedia article Sande Nissen can help you print directly from an IP address that is not owned by the college.
  2. Choose to open your Microsoft Word document in your Microsoft Word application. Print.
  3. Different applications will show you different things. You can usually choose the printer you want, but there is often a way to do this.NUTH100-XWC6505 on print (or “on print.ads.carleton.edu”).
  4. There is almost always an option to set the timer. Preferences for PrintersAlso known as Print Setup, Page Setup, Print Options, or Properties. To change the printing options for this document, click on the link. Select OK to return your application.
  5. You can change the settings of your application to print in other formats (e.g., orientation or paper size), and then you can choose. Print.
  6. The control panel will prompt to load a document that is not compatible with the paper in the single paper tray. To fit your paper, slide the paper guides in the manual feed slot. Place the paper in the slot, with the print side facing down. The top of the sheet should be first.

How to Scan to E-mail?

This transforms a paper document into a digital document download the.PDF file you can save the file or send it to the fax server for faxing.

  1. As if you were going to make a copy of the document, place it in the document feeder or on the document glass.
  2. Press the button on the MFP control panel. Take a look at the can click the button below to copy.
  3. To select, press the Down Arrow button send an email by scanning them, press then click here
  4. With “Send an email“Selected, pressOK.
  5. Select “Address Book” To select the recipient(s).
  6. To use the Address Book, click the Up Arrow and Down Arrow buttons select the recipient then, press the right Arrow(Forward button) for To or Bcc. After you have completed selecting addresses, pressOK.
  7. You can adjust any scanning setting that is different from the default by using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys. Choose an option to set the preferred value for the scan. The default setting is to save the document as a PDF file. This will include color if it is detected on the original. It will also be saved at 300×300 dpi resolution, at the same size as the original. There is no image processing or margins. Carleton E-mail will limit attachments to approximately 90MB. To shrink the file size, lower the resolution or change grayscale.
  8. Use the start click the button to start the scan.
  9. If you get the prompt “Another Page?” If the prompt “Another Page?” appears, choose No to continue scanning or Yes to place the next page on the document.
  10. PressOK. The printer scans the document and sends it to the recipient as an email attachment in PDF format.

ITS recommends that you send the scanned document to yourself first in E-mail, then you can forward it to another place from E-mail.

How to Use a Document received as an E-mail Attachment?

You can scan an MFD/MFP to email. The scan is sent as an a.PDF attachment to an Inbox message. You receive a Fax as an attachment to a new message in your Inbox.

You can open an E-mail message from your E-mail client application and do many things with the attached.PDF file. You can’t double-click an attachment name in these instructions, as it depends on many factors that cannot be predicted.

  1. access your Carleton E-email the way you normally do it.
  2. Inbox will display a message fromprintmaster@carleton.eduWith the title “Scanning from a Xerox WorkCentre 6505This attachment file is called “, and its name begins with img- but ends in.pdf. This is a file in.PDF format, which is normally handled by Adobe Reader on your computer. However, it can also be handled poorly by some Web browsers. Send the message(Not the attachment!) You will have more options to work with the attachment.
  3. You can find out more aboutForwardSend the attachment to the recipient.
  4. You can find out more about this attachment can be sent to a number (let’s say 202-555-1212), and the entire message will be forwarded to the fax server. Below is the topic titled “How to Send a Fax”.
  5. You can find out more about view the contents of the attachment and the command you choose will depend on the E-mail program you use.
  6. You can find out more about save this attachment will be saved as a document to your computer. The command you choose depends on the E-mail program you use.
    You now need to pay attention to these two points that folder and what name do you give your file?
    On Windows computers, you usually save the file to your Downloads folder (part of your user profile, C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads) or in a folder you created inside the Documents folder (e.g., Scans). To open your Documents folder, or any subfolder within it, use the Save dialog box. (Hint, your Documents folder will appear near the top left-hand navigation pane. Scroll down to the top. Now change the name of the file from IMG-123456789012-0001.pdf to something meaningful to you, like ScanOfPaidInvoice-June2015.pdf. After navigating to the correct folder, you will be able to save your changes. if you click the Save button, set a meaningful name for your document.
    With Microsoft Outlook open, right-click on the attachment name to save it. Next, make the same decisions as before to select a folder and create a meaningful name for the document.
  7. You can find out more about print this attachment will have the following options. The command you choose depends on which E-mail program you use and the quality of the printout you require. To print a quick copy, but with lower quality, you can use the command available in the viewer. Save the attachment as a PDF document on your computer. Next, open the document in Adobe Reader and select Print from there.

How to Send a Fax?

Using the Scan to E-mail instructions above, follow the instructions here

How to Receive a Fax?

How can someone send you fax under the new procedures? They will send a fax to you at your fax number 507-222-7474, just as they have always done.

How do you get fax?

  1. Laurie receives an Email from her Lbrackee Mail advising that a new message arrived in her NUTT Fax 77474 fax mailbox.
  2. Laurie will use her Gmail to open the NUTT Fax7474 mailbox and then open the new message.
  3. Laurie can view the message attached (which is the actual fax) as described in step 5, “How to Use an E-mail Attachment”
  4. Laurie can send the message along with the fax attachment, as described in step 3 “How to Use a Document Received as an E-mail Attachment”.
  5. Laurie can print the message attachment, which is the fax itself, as described in step 7 under “How to Use an E-mail Attachment”.


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