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How To Set Scan To Email On Lexmark xm7155?


How To Set Scan To Email On Lexmark xm7155? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Lexmark XM7155 Setup

Before you begin printing, you must first set up the printer hardware. For the Lexmark XM7155 setup, follow the procedures below.

Unbox the Printer

Place the printer on a flat area after removing it from the carton package.

Keep an eye out in the box for printer components including the power wire, toner cartridge, installation CD, and user manuals.

Remove all of the printer’s packaging tapes and covers now.

Install Toner Cartridge

Lower the multi-purpose feeder by opening the printer’s front door.

Remove the toner cartridge and image unit from the printer.

Remove the protective materials and place the imaging unit in the printer so that the arrow mark lines up with the printer’s rails.

After that, give the toner cartridge a good shake before inserting it into the printer.

Shut the multi-purpose feeder door and lower the front door to close it once the cartridge is set.

Feed Paper in the 550-Sheet Tray

Remove the tray from the printer and place the green-colored paper guides along the tray’s edges.

Place the paper in the tray, precisely arranged so that the print side is facing down.

Adjust the paper guides to the paper edges once the paper level is below the maximum paper fill indicator.

Also, avoid overtightening the paper guides to the point where the paper cripples or bends.

Place the tray into the Lexmark XM7155 set up with care.

Power Connection

Connect the power cord to the printer’s supply connector and plug the other end into an electrical wall socket.

Configure the basic settings on the printer display panel when it starts on.

After that, you’ll need to install the printer driver.


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