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How to screenshot on Chromebook [2 Best & Easy Ways]


This is the easiest and best way to take screenshots on Chromebook. Taking screenshots on a Chromebook may differ differently from what you’re used to on a Windows laptop or MacBook, but the procedure is still simple.The keyboard commands are simple to use and remember if you want to capture the entire screen or only a portion of it.

Find out how to capture a screenshot on Chromebook. This article will show you how to capture a screenshot of Chromebook. I’m going to show you how to screenshot on Chromebook in both cases.

  • Click the Ctrl + Switch Window keys to capture a full screen.
  • Click the Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window keys to capture part of the screen.

How to take a picture on a Chromebook [Full Screen]

It’s easy to snap a screenshot from a Chromebook. You just need to press the right keys on your keyboard.

  • Click the Enter keyKeep it down and first. It’s located on your keyboard in the bottom left corner.
  • Click the Turn the Window keyWhen holding the Enter key.
  • The Turn Window key is located on the right side. It looks like a square that has two sides. At the top of the keyboard, it’s found.

Screenshots will be automatically saved in the Downloads folder. Screenshot will be the name of your Screenshot Date  Time.

How to take a screenshot of Chromebook [Part of the Screen]

Sometimes you want to save just a part of your screen. It is possible to take a whole screenshot and then edit it. However, it is much easier to just save a small portion of the screen. To get started, we will use the keyboard.

  • Click here Enter key Keep it.
  • Next, click on the Shift key Keep it.
  • Finally, click the Turn the Window key Let go of all keys

It’ll slightly darken your Chromebook screen. Rotating your mouse pointer can create a box that wraps around the area of the screen you want to save.

To do this, move your mouse pointer towards a corner in the photo. Use the touchpad to move your figure until the entire image appears highlighted.

Then, let the touchpad go. The Downloads folder will automatically save your screenshot.

how to screenshot on chromebook partial screen 1

Screenshots taken in tablet mode

What can you do if you don’t have a keyboard connected or your Chromebook is in tablet mode. Don’t worry, there’s still a screenshot you can take.


How to take a picture on a Chromebook [Using Buttons]

Press the Volume Up button and Power button simultaneously. Then, release the keys. Your Chromebook will automatically take a picture and save it to your Downloads folder.

How to take a picture on a Chromebook [Using a Stylus]

You can take a screenshot of the whole screen with a stylus. This is how it works:

  • Tap the stylus.
  • Tap the button with the stylus Capture Screen option. This takes a picture of your entire screen.

You can capture only a portion of the screen. This is how it works:

  • Tap Stylus.
  • To tap the Capture Region option, use the stylus.
  • Click and keep your starting point on the screen using the stylus.
  • Drag your stylus, build a box, to the final stage.
  • Release your screenshot to catch it.

Where to find the captured screenshot

A screenshot is automatically saved to the Downloads directory when it is taken. Date Time Screenshot will be the name of the file. Your Folder for downloads is a folder that you can access locally. This means that the file is only accessible from your Chromebook.


Editing Chromebook Screenshot

Chrome OS can take screen shots and share them. But if you have to edit them, make sure to familiarize with the built in image editor. Here’s how it should be used:

Step 1Click the blue Files folder icon on the shelf to select Images or downloads.

Step 2Double-click the screenshot to open it with the image viewer

Step 3To enter edit mode, click the Pen icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 4 When you’re done, press the Pen icon again, or press Exit in the bottom-right corner to finalize your edits.

Software to Take a Screenshot of a Chromebook

Awesome Screenshot: Awesome Screenshot allows you to choose between screen capture and screencasting for those who want a larger, more efficient method, so you can also capture video whenever you want. The software supports annotations and simple blurring as well.

Lightshot:Lightshot is an excellent choice for beginners. It allows you drag and drop screenshots across any area of the screen. The screenshot can then be edited at will, or downloaded and sent to the Cloud. For most purposes, it’s easy to use and widely available.

FireShot:Save a page as a single file if you don’t have multiple screenshots. You can save them in various formats and email them directly to OneNote.

That’s all for the tutorial on how to do a screenshot on a Chromebook. These guides were helpful, I hope!


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