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How To Scan To Email With Lexmark Outlook?


How To Scan To Email With Lexmark Outlook? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to set up SMTP settings to use the Scan to Email feature of Lexmark Printer or MFP

You recently purchased a new printer with scanning capabilities and are eager to put it to use. The print, copy, fax, and scan functions were all tested and found to be functional. That brings you joy. After spending some time with your new gadget, you discovered that it has a slew of other cool features. For instance, scan to email. You scan a document and then send it directly to someone’s e-mail address using the scan to e-mail tool. Isn’t that awesome? By doing so, you also save time.

However, you discovered that the functionality did not operate when you tested it. That depresses you. But don’t be disappointed right away. Before you can utilize the scan to email capability, you must first configure your printer’s SMTP settings.

However, make sure your printer is linked to the network before you begin. This is a crucial stage. Finally, you can’t send an email without access to the internet. You can either use an ethernet cable to connect your printer to your router or connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network.

Converting scans to emails

The printer display or control panel, as well as the Embedded Web Server, can be used to configure the email SMTP settings (EWS). The approach is basically the same, but I’ll show you how to use EWS to reduce entering errors, especially when typing difficult passwords.

Perform the following actions:

1. Go to the Embedded Web Server and log in.

Open a web browser on your computer and type the printer’s IP address. On the control panel display, you can see the printer’s IP address.

NOTE: If the printer is linked to the network or Wi-Fi, the IP address will appear.

2. Select E-mail Setup from the drop-down menu.

Click Settings > E-mail > E-mail Setup from the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

3. Set up your SMTP settings.

5 minutes are required.

4.To use your printer’s scan to email capability, configure the SMTP server settings for e-mail.

5.Type your e-mail provider’s outgoing SMTP server in the Primary SMTP Gateway area.

6..For instance, smtp.gmail.com

7.Type your e-mail provider’s outgoing SMTP port in the Primary SMTP Gateway Port section.

  • Fill up your e-mail address in the Reply Address field. User@gmail.com, for example.
  • This is an optional choice, however, if you leave it blank, the scan e-mails will be classified as junk or spam.
  • Select Required from the Use SSL/TLS option.
  • You have the option of selecting Negotiate or Required.
  • The Require Trusted Certificate setting should be unchecked or disabled.
  • Select Login / Plain from the SMTP Server Authentication option.
  • Select Use Device SMTP Credentials from the Device-Initiated E-mail option.
  • Fill up your e-mail address in the Device Userid area.
  • User@gmail.com, for example.

Type your e-mail account password or app password in the Device Password field, depending on your e-mail provider.

Use your Gmail password and allow access to less secure apps for Gmail accounts that don’t have two-step verification. Go to the Security page for Google Accounts. Click Turn on access in the Less secure app access area, and then enable Allow less secure apps.

Use App password for Gmail accounts that require two-step verification. To create an app password, go to the Google Accounts Security page and select App Password from the Signing into Google section. The password for the app is 16 characters long.

See the following section for SMTP server settings for other e-mail providers.

SMTP Settings for different email providers

We used a Lexmark printer to test the following email providers and found that the following settings work. Keep an eye out for the notes in the Device Password row. Some email companies have rigorous security measures in place. For the outbound SMTP settings, you must generate a different password. It’s referred to as an app password.

Google Suite or Gmail

Both free and Google Suite users can utilize these SMTP server settings (paid users with custom domains).

Hotmail or Outlook

All @outlook.com and its national TLDs, @hotmail.com, and custom email domains hosted at outlook.live.com are affected by these settings

Yahoo! Mail 

These options apply to all Yahoo mail country TLDs, including @yahoo.com, @ymail.com, and @yahoo.com

Apple’s iCloud Mail

If you want to use your iCloud Mail’s outgoing server, make sure two-factor authentication is turned on. If your AppleID email address is hosted on a separate e-mail service, do not use it.

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