How to Scan to Email Using a Brother MFC 290C?

The Brother MFC 290C is a color inkjet printer with a flatbed scanner that can capture color or monochrome images at up to 19,200 by 19,200 dots per inch resolution. Scanning to email is one of the device’s features, which simplifies the process of attaching a scanned image to an email message. You can access this function via the printer’s control panel after you’ve properly configured the MFC 290C.

1.Start the ControlCenter3 application; if it is not already installed on your computer, insert the CD-ROM that came with the printer and run the installer program. Select your printer from the list by clicking the “Model” drop-down menu.

2.On the left side of the ControlCenter3 window, click the “Scan” button. On the right side of the window, right-click the “Email” button. Choose “ControlCenter Configuration” from the drop-down menu.

3.In the Configuration pane, go to the Software Button page. Select the program you want to use when emailing scans from the “Email Application” window; if your program does not appear on the list, click the “Add” button and find it.

4.Raise the document cover, which is located above the control panel at the top of the printer. Place your paper on the scanner glass, face down, with the side you want to scan facing up. Align the document’s upper-left corner with the upper-left corner of the bottle. Reduce the height of the paper cover.

5.On the control panel, press the “Scan” button, which is located below the window. Select the “Scan to Email” option using the arrow buttons to the right of the display. Below the right arrow button, press the “OK” button.

6.To the right of the arrow keys, look for the Color Start or Black Start buttons. To create a color scan, press “Color Start,” or “Black Start,” to create a monochrome scan.

7.Wait for the document to be scanned by the printer. The scanned image is attached to a new message created by your computer in the selected email application. Remove your document from the scanner glass by lifting the document cover.

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