How To Scan Into An Email On Canon MG6820? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Attaching Scanned Data to E-mail Using Operation Panel

1.The MP Drivers have been installed. (Windows)

2.Install MP Drivers via the Setup CD-ROM or from the Canon website if they are not already installed.

3.The scanner driver has been set up. (Macintosh)

4.Install the scanner driver from the Canon website if it isn’t already installed.

5.The machine is correctly connected to a PC.

6.Check that the machine is properly linked to the computer.

7.When the machine is in use, or when the computer is in sleep or standby mode, do not plug in or unplug the USB.

8.If you’re scanning over a network, ensure sure you’ve specified all of the necessary parameters.

  • For Windows users:

Settings for Network Scan

  • For Mac OS X users:

Settings for Network Scan


9.Canon IJ Scan Utility specifies the mail software and the file name.

10.In Canon IJ Scan Utility, you can specify the destination and file name. For additional information about Canon IJ Scan Utility settings, go to:

  • For Windows users:

Dialog Box for Configuration

  • For Mac OS X users:

Dialog for Configuration

11.Ensure that the machine is turned on.

12.Scan by swiping up from the HOME screen.

How to Use the Operation Panel?

The screen where you can choose where you want to save the data appears.

LCD figure

Note: If the Scan standby screen for forwarding data to a USB-connected computer appears on the touch screen, tap to bring up the screen where you may choose where you want the data to be saved.

Select Attach to E-mail from the drop-down menu.

To forward scanned data, tap the computer.

For a USB-connected computer, tap Local (USB), or for a network-connected computer, tap the computer to forward the scanned data.

LCD figure

The Scan standby screen appears on the screen.

As needed, make adjustments to the settings.

LCD figure

Select the document type with a tap.


The computer automatically detects the originals’ kind, and the image is delivered in the best possible size, resolution, and data format.

Scans the original as a document data on the platen glass, using the settings given in Scan settings.


Scans the original as photo data on the platen glass, using the settings given in Scan settings.

  • To bring up the Scan settings screen, tap it.
  • For further information on the setting items, see:
  • Using the Operation Panel to Prepare Items for Scanning
  • To see how to load the original, tap.
  • To select the destination, tap to bring up the screen.
  • Place the original on a platen glass and load it.
  • To scan in color, press the Color button; to scan in black and white, use the Black button.
  • If you choose JPEG as the scan format on the scan settings screen, you’ll get the following results:
  • The machine begins scanning, and the scanned information is sent to the computer and appended to an e-mail.
  • If you choose PDF or Compact PDF as the scan format on the scan settings screen, you’ll get the following results:
  • After scanning is complete, a confirmation box appears, asking if you want to continue scanning.

LCD figure

If you want to keep scanning, place the original on top of the platen glass and begin scanning.

Tap End if you don’t want to continue scanning. The computer receives the scanned information.

According to the settings in Canon IJ Scan Utility, scanned data is transferred to the computer and attached to an e-mail.

Refer to the mail software’s instruction manual for settings and how to send an e-mail.

If program selection screen appears (Windows):

If you’re using Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, follow these steps.

After tapping the Color or Black buttons, the program selection screen may appear. In this situation, click OK after selecting Canon IJ Scan Utility.

  • For Windows XP, follow these steps:

After hitting the Color or Black button for the first time, the program selection screen may appear. In this example, choose Canon IJ Scan Utility as the application software to use, then choose Always use this program for this activity and click OK. Canon IJ Scan Utility will start automatically the next time.

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