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How To Scan Document To Computer From Canon Printer?


How to Scan a Document on a Canon Printer?

This wikiHow shows you how to use a Canon all-in-one printer to scan a digital version of a physical document onto your screen. You can do this on a Mac or a Windows device.

Preparing to Scan

1.Check to see if your Canon printer is capable of scanning. Your printer can search if it is an “all-in-one” model. Other printer models can search, but you’ll have to review the printer’s documentation or product page to see if that’s the case.

2 Link your printer and your machine.

3.Most Canon scanner printers can connect wirelessly through a touch-screen monitor, but you can need to use a USB cable to connect your printer to your device.

Tip: Most printers come with a USB cable that can be used if the wireless function fails.

4.If possible, turn on your printer.

5.Switch on the printer by pressing the “On” button. Make sure the printer is linked to a working power source if it won’t turn on.

    • Activate the scanner.
    • Lift the scanner’s lid to reveal the scanner’s glass rim.
    • Insert your text into the tray instead if your Canon printer has an all-in-one paper feeder.
    • You can see how to insert the document by looking at the symbol on the tray.
    • If you can’t work out how to use the built-in scanner, consult your Canon’s instruction manual.

6. Place your document in the scanner face down.

7.Next to the glass rim, there should be marks that show how the document should be positioned in the scanner.

8. Put the lid on the scanner and close it.

Before scanning your text, double-check that it is securely closed.

Scanning on Windows

1. In the bottom-left corner of the page, click the Windows logo.

2. In the Start menu, type windows fax and search.

3.The Windows Fax and Scan app will be found by doing so.

4.Select Windows Fax and Scan from the drop-down menu.
It’s located at the very top of the Start menu. The Fax and Scan application will launch.

5. Select New Scan from the drop-down menu.

6.This can be found in the Fax and Scan window’s upper-left corner. It opens a new window when you click it.

7. Double-check that your scanner is in working order.

8.You should see the term “Canon” as well as the model number for your printer. If you see something else here, pick your Canon printer by clicking Change.

9. Choose a document form.

10.Select the type of document (e.g., Photo) in the drop-down box after clicking the “Profile” drop-down box.

    • Choose a color for your paper.
    • Select either Color or Black and White from the “Color format” drop-down box.
    • Color formatting options on your scanner can be more (or less) restricted.

11. Choose a file format.

12.Click the “Document Type” drop-down box, then select the file type (such as PDF or JPG) for storing the scanned document on your screen.

13.Since you’re scanning a text, you’ll most likely choose PDF here.

14. Make some other changes to the page’s choices.

15.You may have other options (for example, “Resolution”) that you can change before scanning your paper, depending on your scanner.

16. Select Preview from the drop-down menu.

17.It can be found near the bottom of the window. When you do so, a preview of your document in the scanner will appear.

Tip: If your document appears crooked, irregular, or cut off, readjust it in your scanner and then preview it again to see if your change solved the issue.

    • Select Scan.
    • It can be found near the bottom of the window.
    • The scanning of your document into your machine will begin. Take these steps to locate the scanned file later:
    • Start the Open File Explorer program.
    • On the left side of the window, choose Documents.
    • Select the Scanned Documents folder and double-click it.

Scanning on Mac

1.Go to the Apple menu and pick.
In the top-left corner of the page, click the Apple logo. There will be a drop-down menu.

2. Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

  • It’s the first choice in the drop-down menu.
  • Printers and Scanners with 3 Clicks
  • The right side of the System Preferences window has a printer-shaped symbol.

3.Choose a Canon printer.
4.In the upper-left corner of the browser, choose “Canon.”

5. Go to the Scan page.

6.It’s located at the very top of the window.

7. Select Open Scanner from the drop-down menu.

8.Near the top of the Scan tab window, you’ll find this choice.

9. Select Display Details from the menu.

10.It’s in the window’s lower-right corner.

11.Choose a file format.

12.Tap the “Format” drop-down box, then select a file type (such as PDF or JPEG) to save your document.

Tip: If you’re scanning anything other than a picture, choose PDF.

13. Choose a paint scheme.

    • Select a color choice (e.g., Black and White) from the “Kind” drop-down box at the top of the page.
    • Your scanner’s options can be restricted in this area.

14.Decide where you want to store your files.

Tap the “Save To” drop-down box, then select a folder (e.g., Desktop) to save your scanned text.

15.Alter the page’s other choices.

16.You may want to adjust the “Resolution” or “Orientation” values here depending on the type of file you’re scanning.

17.Press the Scan button.

18.It’s in the window’s bottom-right corner. The scanning of your document into your machine will begin. You’ll be able to locate it in your chosen save position once it’s done.


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