How To Scan And Attach to Email On Hp Officejet j4550? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to Scan With an HP Officejet J4680?

The HP Officejet J4680 all-in-one printer scans up to 50-page documents and uploads them to your computer for archiving or emailing. You can also preserve images with the Officejet J4680’s scanner, or edit them with photo-editing software to eliminate flaws and make other improvements. Documents can be scanned using the feeder tray on the printer’s top or by placing papers directly on the scanner’s glass bed.

1.Remove the top cover of the Officejet J4680 and position the document face-down on the scanner bed’s right and front corners. Reduce the cover’s thickness. You can also load a multi-page document into the feeder tray on the top of the Officejet J4680; load the document face-up, with the tops of the pages facing the interior of the tray. Gently place the pages in the tray until the printer beeps. To avoid a paper jam, scan the document in two sections if it has more than 50 pages.

2.On the Officejet J4680, press any of the arrow buttons until the word “Scan” shows on the LCD. Activate the “OK” button.

3.Push the right arrow button until the name of the application on your computer to which you wish to transmit the scanned document appears on the screen. Activate the “OK” button.

4.To scan the document, press the “Start” button.

How to Scan With the HP C4180?

The HP Photosmart C4180 printer has a flatbed scanner in the upper area of the device that can capture photos with a maximum resolution of 2400 by 4800 dots per inch. You can use this capability to digitize images or printed text for use on a computer that is linked to it. Operating the gadget through its control panel is usually adequate for simple scans. However, if you need to crop, resize, or otherwise clean up a scan, using HP’s software may produce superior results.

1.Raise the plastic cover to the right of the control panel on the printer’s upper panel.

2.Locate the icon printed in the lower-right corner of the scanner glass. Place your manuscript on the glass, face down.

3.Place the printed side’s upper-left corner over the icon on the scanner glass. Remove the plastic cover and lower it.

Control Panel Scanning

1.Examine the control panel on the printer’s top panel, which is located on the left side. From the bottom, find the second row of buttons. To bring up the scan menu in the printer’s LCD, press the first button in this row, also known as the Start Scan button.

2.Just below the LCD, look for the arrow buttons. To cycle through the list of applications on the LCD, use the up and down arrows. Choose the program you want to use to view the scanned image.

3.In the center of the arrow buttons press the “OK” button. Wait for the printer to produce a preliminary scan, which will appear on your computer. Review the scan and make any necessary scan settings modifications.

4.On your computer’s screen, click the “Accept” button. Wait for your paper to be scanned once again by the printer. Raise the plastic cover to access the scanner glass and retrieve your document. Return the plastic cover to its original position.

Scanning using Software

1.Start the HP Solution Center or HP Scan software. If you want to scan an image, use the “Scan Picture(s)” option. If you want to scan a page of text, choose the “Scan Document(s)” option.

2.Select “Change Settings” or “Profile Settings” from the drop-down menu. Examine the available options and make any necessary adjustments. Wait for the device to finish scanning your paper after pressing the “Scan” button.

3.Raise the plastic cover to access the scanner glass and retrieve your document. Return the plastic cover to its original position.

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