How to Email a Scanned Document?

This wikiHow will show you how to submit a scanned document to someone else via email.


1 . Scan the file you’d like to submit. Depending on the scanner and the machine or mobile device you’re using, the procedure can differ.
2.Scanning a document in PDF format gives you the most flexibility and the best chance of compatibility with the widest range of devices and computers.

3.Open your email programme or go to your email website.

4.Open your email app or go to your email provider’s website in a web browser where you usually check your mail on your computer.
5.Make a fresh email message.
6.Make a note of the attachment so the receiver knows where to look for it.
7.Look for a button with a pencil icon, usually near the top of the screen, to start a new message.

8.symbolism In the “To:” field, type the recipient’s email address.

9.Select “connect files” from the drop-down menu.

10.A paper clip icon appears on occasion next to the “connect data” tab.
11.In certain instances, you might be able to link the document to the email address by right-clicking on the scanned document, selecting Copy, and then right-clicking on the new email message, selecting Paste.

12.In the dialogue box, locate and press the scanned text.

13.Click the Open button.

14.The button may also be labelled OK or Attach depending on the email client you’re using.
15.Transmit the post.
16.To access the scanned document you emailed to them, they must double-click or tap the attachment when they receive your letter.

How do I attach a scanned document to an email?

Your printer’s scan to email feature may appear to be a fast and easy way to scan a document and send it online – may appear to be a quick and easy way to scan a document and send it online. If you want to use the “scan to email” feature, you should only do so when you can personally confirm that the email was sent to its intended recipient, and you should only use it for documents that aren’t really relevant because they may not get through on the first attempt.

You can also send a document by email using your email app. Here’s how to get your paper to the right person: Email from Scan: Signature explains how to email scanned documents.

  1. Open your email account and log in.
  2. To begin writing a new email, select “New Message.”
  3. Look for a “attach attachment” icon in the new email pane. It resembles a paper clip much of the time.
  4. Find your file, pick it, and press “Enter” after clicking on it.
  5. You can also drag and drop the scanned file into the browser.
  6. Finish your message and provide the email addresses of the recipients.
  7. You will now return your email with the scanned file attached.
  8. Keep in mind that if you need to sign the paper, you must do so before sending it, either by signing it physically or by signing it electronically.
  9. You’ll have a few choices for getting your contract signed after you’ve digitised it. Requesting a signature through an online signature app like Signature is a free and easy way.

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