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How to Scan a Document and Then Email it Using Windows Mail?

Scanning company papers like contracts and proposals and emailing them to clients can help you save money on paper and long-distance faxing. The process of turning a document into an electronic format is identical for many scanning equipments, whether you have a standalone scanner or an All-in-One printer. While you can scan a document directly from a scan-to-email printer or most All-in-One printers without using any additional software, specialized scanning software gives you more options, such as the ability to choose a document format and resolution. You can attach the scan directly to a message in Windows Live Mail after you’ve created it.

Scanning the File

Use a soft cloth and streak-free glass cleaner to clean the scanning bed’s surface. During the scanning process, a scanner will pick up dirt and fingerprints, which can degrade the quality of the final image.

Place the document face-down on the scanning bed after opening the lid. Use the markers to align the paper along the glass’s edge, then carefully close the lid.

Use the scanning software that came with your scanner to start scanning. If you have an HP scanner or All-in-One printer, for example, the software will be in the HP folder.

Choose “Document” as the scan type, then color or black-and-white scanning.

Choose an output format for the scanned document, commonly a TIFF or GIF picture or a PDF.

If prompted, select a resolution that generates a high-quality file, such as 300dpi. Although a higher dpi will result in a larger file, the image will be sharper. Keep in mind, though, that higher-resolution files take longer to upload and deliver.

Select “Scan” from the drop-down menu. When the scanning process is finished, click “Save.” Give the document a file name and a location, such as My Documents. Select “Save” from the drop-down menu.


You might look for a scan to email app online as an alternative to your system’s built-in scanning software, which may have more features.

Send the Document via Email

Log in to your account using Windows Live Mail.

Click the “Email Message” button on the Home toolbar to start composing a new message.

Fill in the recipient’s email address, a subject line, and the message you want to send with the attached document.

On the Message toolbar, click the “Attach File” button. In the Windows Explorer dialogue box, navigate through your folders and choose the scanned document. To attach the file to the email, click “Open.”

Select “Send” from the drop-down menu.


When scanning a document, consider using the PDF format. A PDF keeps all of the original document’s visual components and can be viewed on any PC with Adobe Reader installed.

How to Add Documents to an Email From a Scanner?

When you scan a document or a photo, you can attach the scanned file to an email and share it with others. Use Windows Fax and Scan, a free Windows tool, if your scanner doesn’t allow you to send the document directly. If you distribute documents regularly, you can automate the procedure.

1.To begin, use the Windows 7 “Start” button. Select “All Programs” from the drop-down menu. In the search bar, type “fax” or “scan.” When the search results display, go to Programs and click “Windows Fax and Scan” to open the Windows Fax and Scan software.

2.To open the Scan view, click the “Scan” tab at the bottom of the left pane.

3.On the toolbar, select “New Scan.” Click “Profile” when the New Scan dialogue box appears. Choose “Document” from the drop-down menu. If you want to get a preview of the object before scanning it, click “Preview.”

4.”Scan” should be selected.

5.From the list of scanned things in the top-right window, select the file you want to email. On the toolbar, select “Forward as Email.” This opens your normal email client and sends you a new message with the attached file.

6.In the “To” field, type your recipient’s email address. Enter the recipients’ addresses in the “To” area, “Cc” field, or “Bcc” field if you want to email the scanned document to many people (for blind carbon copies). A semicolon should be used to separate each address.

7.In the “Subject” section, type a title for your message or leave it blank. In the main body field, type a message. To send the message, click “Send.”

How to Save Scanned Images Using iPhoto on a Mac?

The built-in Image Capture software on Mac computers makes scanning and importing photos into iPhoto a breeze. You can view, edit, and organize your photos after they’ve been imported into iPhoto. iPhoto also makes it simple to share your images with others online via email and social networking sites like Facebook.

1.Position the image on the scanner’s bed.

2.Double-click the “Hard Drive” icon on your Mac’s desktop.

3.Double-click the “Applications” folder, then the “Image Capture” folder.

4.Select “iPhoto” from the drop-down box when you click “Scan To.”

5.Select “Scan.”

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