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How to Run Ethernet Cable Along Wall?


How To Run Ethernet Cable Along Wall? (Explained)

The biggest challenge of all is running your internet cable throughout the house without making a mess. This article will provide some basic guidelines on how to run Ethernet cables along walls. Continue reading to find all the tips and tricks that can be helpful in this regard.

What is an Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet Cables are cables used to connect the networking hardware. These cables are not regular wires but are special networking cables wires that are used to connect multiple computing devices to different hardware systems or devices like share printers, scanners, routers/modems, and others.

How to run Ethernet cables along walls safely?

If you don’t know what material to use, running Ethernet cables along walls can be a problem. Here are some tips and tricks to help you safely run your Ethernet Cable Network throughout your house.


Nails are strong enough to support heavy weights and they make a great first tip. No matter how many wires you use, they won’t fall if you use nails to attach them to the wall.


Taping wires can not only cause damage to your walls but also put them in danger. Tapes are easy to remove and don’t stick as well on walls so they aren’t the best option for relisting. Tapes can also cause disruption to your decor. Wall paint may also be damaged by the taping.

Covers and Fixtures

You have a variety of options for covering and fitting your Ethernet cables along walls. These products can be found in your local electronics shop.

  1. Cord Management Covers

Cord Management Covers, also known as cable protectors, are the most efficient and simple way to manage your home Ethernet cables. These covers can be used to protect cables running along walls at home and in the office.

Cable covers protect cable wires and prevent cables from causing a mess. These covers can be used to reduce the risk of tripping and maintain a clean floor. Cable covers are a great way to conceal Ethernet cables running along walls. The adhesive can be used to attach them to your walls. You are now ready to go.

  1. Using Coaxial Cable Nail-in Clamps

These coaxial cable nail-in clamps for coaxial cables are small pieces of n-shaped fixures that are used to attach the wires to the walls. They can be attached to the wall using a single nail to keep your Ethernet cable in its place for a long time. It can only hold one wire at a given time.

  1. Flexible PVC Pipes

Flexible PVC pipes are a cheaper alternative. When the wires are properly stapled, these PVC tubes will hold them in place. It will give your house a clean and neat appearance, but it is not as safe as cable covers.


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