How To Restart Netflix On Roku TV? (Explained)

Netflix is the best option for killing time for anyone who enjoys viewing movies and series on their computer. It is fairly evident that Netflix is the ride-or-die service, and users even connect it to Roku TV so that they may enjoy material on a larger screen on their television. Despite this, there are still individuals who inquire, “how to restart Netflix on Roku TV?” due to the fact that there are streaming troubles. So, let’s get into the specifics, shall we?

What Are the Steps to Restart Netflix on a Roku TV?
Reboot the Roku device.

To begin, restarting the Roku device is the simplest method available for relaunching Netflix on a Roku-enabled television. The instructions for restarting Roku are included in the following list, which may be found in the following section:

  • The first thing you need to do is remove the power cable from the Roku device and leave it disconnected from the outlet for at least ten seconds.
  • The next step is to reconnect the Roku to its power supply.
  • The following thing you need to do is turn on Roku by pushing any button on the remote control (the Roku remote, to be precise)
  • Now, please wait one minute before opening the Netflix app in order to begin utilising it.
  • The second way to restart Roku is by accessing the settings menu on the Roku TV and selecting the option to restart the device. If you want to restart Roku TV from within the settings, make sure to follow the methods that are listed below;

In order to access the settings, you will need to log into Roku TV and then enter the home menu.
Once you have navigated to the settings menu, you should push the OK button located on your Roku remote.
Now, press the OK button once again and scroll down until you reach the system option. This will open the system menu.
Proceed to the button that restarts the system, and then push the OK button.
Now, press the restart button, and the Roku TV will turn off (you will be able to see the Roku logo bouncing on the screen while the device is rebooting). If you are using an older edition of Roku, the settings menu might not contain an option for restarting the system. You won’t be able to restart the Roku device if you have an older model, but if you have a newer one, you can do it via the settings menu.

Restart the application for Netflix.

This is the second approach that you can use to relaunch Netflix on your Roku TV device. Using this approach, you will need to deactivate Netflix and then reactivate it after a period of time has passed. Nevertheless, it will make the Netflix experience more streamlined, so let’s have a look at the instructions, which include the following:

  • To begin, turn on your Roku by opening the home screen by pressing the “home” button on the remote.
  • After that, select the Netflix application, and then press the star button located on your Roku control.
  • It will bring up a new menu, at which point you should select “delete channel” and then press on the same option once again to confirm the deletion of the channel.
  • The removal of Netflix from the Roku device will be facilitated by this. You will now need to restart the Roku device, and once it has been powered back up, you will be able to follow the steps outlined below in order to reactivate your Netflix account:

Now, open the home screen once more, and pick the channels that you want to stream.
The following step is to select the movies and TV option, then select Netflix from the drop-down menu.
After selecting the “add channel” option, go to selecting the “go to channel” choice.
As a direct consequence of this, you will need to re-enter your login information in order to access Netflix and resume viewing.

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