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How to Remove Facebook Reviews – 3 Best Ways


If you’re looking for a way to remove Facebook reviews then this is the place. You will find the three best methods to delete Facebook reviews within just a few mouse clicks.

Facebook is essential for any business owner. Why wouldn’t you use it for billions of users, various ways to connect with clients, a two-way interaction with your followers, and a plethora of methods for engagement?

There are however some drawbacks. These same trolls, jerks, who find Facebook difficult to use as a private citizen, can also be found in business sites.

Facebook is used often to deliberately smear companies through review bombing and orchestrated marketing campaigns.

If you Google ‘buy negative real Facebook review,’ you can find hundreds of businesses promising to sell negative reviews. For a small fee, you can purchase negative feedback to counteract positive reviews. This will make your profile appear more real.

These services are used to discredit other companies. It is unlikely that any company will deliberately include negative reviews on their own accounts.

You have several options to remove Facebook reviews from your business and prevent potential customers from leaving.

How to delete Facebook reviews from a page

These are the best ways to delete reviews from Facebook.

  • Report false Facebook reviews
  • For now, delete all reviews on Facebook
  • Resolve the issue to strengthen customer relationships, and even urge customers to alter or delete bad reviews.

Let’s discuss each of the option in details to know how to remove Facebook reviews from page.

1. How to report Facebook reviews

Reviews that are not in compliance Facebook’s Community StandardsAll comments will be deleted. This includes fake reviews and reviews that contain hate speech.

Report any negative reviews on your Facebook page that you feel violate these policies and you can have them removed.

Step 1: Identify fake Facebook reviews

You can use the terminology in fake reviews to help you classify them. If there are any ambiguities in the details, disjointed sentences, or if the review refers to another service, it is most likely a fake.

To double-check the review’s validity, confirm all of the complaint’s details:

  • Is your customer listed in your customer relationship manager (CRM).
  • Is there any documentation that documents what happened at work?
  • To verify details, speak with other team members. If you can’t find any detail about this client, it’s probably a forgery.

Fake reviews are not easy to detect. Each case must be treated individually.

Report the analysis to us if you find hate speech, threats or personal information.

Step 2: Report fake reviews on Facebook

If you believe a review is fraudulent or violates Facebook’s standards, you can report it to Facebook by following the procedures below:

Report Fake Reviews
  • Go to your Facebook review page.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. A drop-down menu will pop up and select “Find support or report Recommendation.”
  • Follow these instructions. Choose from a variety of reasons for reporting the recommendation to Facebook, including recommendation not relevant, unfair recommendation, spam, abuse, and so on.
How To Report Facebook Reviews

Facebook doesn’t specify the time it takes to investigate a complaint. They can however confirm that an analysis is not genuine and remove it if everything goes according to plan.

2. How to delete reviews from Facebook pages

Facebook allows you temporarily to delete feedback so consumers can’t see them when they visit the page.  All reviews, positive or negative, will be hidden once this function has been activated.

Customers use customer reviews to help decide who to hire. Are they smart to be let go?

There are some situations in which you might be allowed to. You may think that negative reviews can damage your reputation.

Perhaps you’re going through a bad patch and receiving a lot of negative feedback, making it difficult to obtain new business despite having a lot of favourable feedback.

You can temporarily remove all Facebook feedback to help you solve your problems and have no negative impact on your company.

You have more time to talk to disgruntled customers and hear their problems. If you can resolve any issues and convince them to delete their negative review, it will allow you to replace it with one that is constructive.

It’s also very easy. These are the steps to get rid of reviews on your Facebook page.

  • Visit your Facebook page.
  • Click Settings in the left-hand menu and choose Templates or Tabs.
How to Remove Facebook Reviews
  • Scroll down to Reviews. Toggle the Show Reviews slider off and hit Save.

3. Make Negative Facebook Reviews Positive

It is a part of service business management to receive negative reviews from customers. Don’t view negative feedback as a threat to your business. Instead, see them as an opportunity to grow your market, reengage customers who aren’t satisfied, and build stronger customer relationships.

It is possible to improve your review management, resolve customer issues, and regain customers’ business. Here’s the way:

Step 1: Respond positively to all Facebook reviews

This shows the disappointed customer—and other potential customers—that you care about their complaints.

Negative feedback should not be ignored.

  • Keep your demeanor professional and polite.
  • Refer to the customer by his/her name.
  • Take responsibility and apologize.
  • Keep the conversation offline and reach a compromise to avoid any reputational damage.

Step 2: Follow-up

After the issue is resolved, send a follow-up email asking the customer to confirm their satisfaction.

Step 3: Ask them for an edit or removal of the review

If the customer is happy with your approach, ask them if they are able to delete their negative rating.

They probably would. Simply instruct them to go on Facebook and find their summary. Click the three dots at the top right corner to edit or delete.

It’s not impossible that if you follow these steps, they’ll raise that one star to a five star rating and tell their friends about it.

And with that, you’ve turned a deeply dissatisfied consumer into a raving fan, demonstrating your commitment to customer service.

A few FAQs about Facebook Reviews

1. Can I remove a Facebook Review?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘delete’ button on a Facebook feedback. The only option is to report a feedback or to reply professionally and respectfully.

2. How can I get positive Facebook reviews?

A positive review can be a powerful advertisement. A few bad reviews can hurt your ranking. Having more positive reviews will improve it. Ask your customers to leave comments so that you can increase the number of reviews. In return for your appreciation, some businesses will offer discounts.

3. Will existing reviews disappear if I disable reviews?

Yes, up until you turn Facebook Review back on. It might be smart to remove feedback from your wall and allow customers to leave honest comments about your company.


Your first thinking should never be, “How do I get rid of this?” when you receive a bad or negative Facebook review. “How can I keep this from happening again?” is the real question.

If you’ve accumulated a significant number of positive ratings, a phoney one in the middle can be discouraging. You can choose to take appropriate action depending on your situation.

Considering your options and choosing the best plan will ensure that your reputation management practices are sustainable and steady over the long-term. This will also increase your income.


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