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How To Make The Flashing Red AF Points Go Away on Your Canon EOS 80D?


When you are shooting in low light conditions and using flash to capture frames, the autofocus points on your Canon flip screen DSLR EOS 80D could be crucial. The viewfinder will display a focus flash red, which will create autofocusing. Some users find these red AF points distracting. The Canon flip screen DSLR EOS 80D gives its users the ability to turn off the AF points for their convenience. The user can also use the Autofocus function to take a photo in bright light. The illumination of the VF Display is the control that changes the red light behavior in Autofocus. These settings are known in the autofocus section under Custom Function 15. The user has three options:


After evaluating the ambient lighting, the Canon EOS 80D will switch on or off Autofocus’ red dot Autofocus. This happens when the Auto Red flashes are switched to red. The Canon EOS 80D flip-screen DSLR will make the flash turn red if there is enough ambient light. If the light is sufficiently bright, it will turn off the flash.


Red Glare is a feature that allows users to turn on the Autofocus points even when there is bright sunlight. The red dot flash will always be on. You can leave it on if you find it useful when taking photos.


Some users may be distracted by the flashing red AF points on Canon’s vlogging camera EOS 80D. If they find the flashing red AF points distracting, they can turn it off. The blinking red Autofocus will not appear when the user is shooting in dim light using the Canon EOS 80D. It is important to note that the flashing red Autofocus will still be active even if the user disables it. However, if the AF area allows you to pick a particular point or zone, the red points will appear. Without the red dots, you won’t be capable of identifying which area Canon EOS 80D vlogging cameras focuses on.


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