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How to Get Hopper 3 For Free?


Get Hopper 3 For Free: Is It Possible?

Hopper 3 is the best option for those who want to stream and record on-demand TV. Hopper 3 is a DVR which allows users to record and stream TV. It’s sometimes called the cable box. Some people are curious about how to obtain Hopper 3 free of charge and if it is possible. Let’s find out if it is possible.

Get Hopper 3 For Free?

While you cannot get the Hopper 3 free of charge, Dish can qualify you to be a new subscriber. You will still need to pay the DVR Fee, which is approximately $10 to $15 per month. You are eligible to record up to 2TB of content if you pay the fee.

This gives you five-hundreds of hours of HD media. It also comes with 16 tuners. If you want to add the Joeys, each one will run around $7 per month. It’s obvious that the Hopper 3 cannot be obtained for free. However, Dish will qualify you for the “blessing” and there will not be any upfront costs.

However, we don’t discourage you from trying your luck. This is because Dish customers have tried a different method to get rid of their Hopper 3 fees. After this, they call Dish customer service and inform them that there are issues with the performance and functionality of the services.

You should not divulge your identity to the customer service representatives as they can sense if you’re just playing. If you’re lucky, the Hopper 3 fee will be waived, but you will still need to pay the installation fees. It all depends on your payment history as to whether customer service representatives will listen or not.

Bottom line, Dish is unlikely to waive the Hopper 3 fee. Why would they? Although you can try your luck, we don’t recommend that you rely on Dish to waive the Hopper 3 fees because it rarely happens.

What Does a Hopper 3 Really Cost?

Hopper 3 is priced at $300, but shipping costs are added. There are some opportunities for qualified customers or new customers to get Hopper 3 free of charge and with no upfront costs. The Joey and DVR fees, which we already discussed in the article, are not to be ignored.

The Super Joey will run you about $10 per month, as opposed to $7 for regular Joey. Although Hopper 3 may seem expensive, the Dish network plan will make everything affordable. If you are wondering whether Hopper 3 is worth the time and money, it’s the best DVR available, so it’s well worth it.

The Bottom Line

Hopper 3 can be quite expensive at the beginning, with a starting price of $300. Dish is unlikely to waive these charges, so you might need to be a supernatural customer to get Dish to waive the Hopper 3 charges. However, you may be able to get around the initial costs.

Despite this, you will still need to pay extra costs such as the DVR Fee ($15 per month) and the Joey Fee. The 4K Joey will run $7 per one, while the Super Joey will set you back $10 per each. You have two options: ask customer service to waive the upfront fee, or spend $300 plus the Joey and DVR fees.



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