TCL Roku TV Black Screen: 4 Ways To Fix

TCL is recognised as one of the most prominent brands of smart TVs since it offers competitive pricing without sacrificing product quality. Roku was one of the first companies to offer streaming services.

Consequently, when you combine the two, you should not be surprised to find that the result is a fantastic viewing experience with only a small number of issues.

However, no piece of technology is entirely devoid of problems, and one problem that all people who watch television will at some point encounter is the dreaded black screen.

So, in order to get your TCL Roku TV functioning as efficiently as it did when it was first purchased, here are a few pointers.

Black Screen on the TCL Roku TV

1) Restart the TCL Roku television.

First things first, restart your television. In many instances, despite the fact that it is somewhat of a cliche, it is the most effective solution that is also the quickest and easiest to implement.

When you restart the television, you are also restarting all of the hardware, and if the black screen is caused by nothing more than a malfunction in the system, then restarting the television will typically startle the errant hardware back to life.

In order to restart your TCL Roku television:

Turn off the power and give it a rest for a minute to a minute and a half.
After that, reconnect it to the outlet.
If you turn it back on, you should hopefully find that it is functioning normally once more after the reboot.

Update your TCL Roku TV

2) Ensure that your TCL ROKU TV is up to date.

It’s possible that the issue is caused by the fact that the software on your TCL Roku TV has not been updated.

In order to check for available software updates:

To access the menu screen on your television, use the TV remote control and select the “Settings” button.
Locate the option labelled “System Update Menu” and then click on it.
After that, select the ‘Update’ option.
The magnitude of the update as well as the speed of your network will determine how quickly it is applied to your device.

DURING THE UPDATE, DO NOT TURN IT OFF in any way, as doing so will cause additional problems.

Make sure that your TCL Roku TV is set to ‘Automatic Updates’ if it isn’t already, as this will ensure that you are aware of any new update releases.

3) You should reset your TV.

In the event that resetting your TCL Roku TV and performing software updates do not resolve the issue, your next option is to reboot the device. It will reset everything to its original state and remove any programmes, flaws, or other elements that may be contributing to the issue.

There is, whether you want to believe it or not, a cheat code built into your Roku TV. How Fun!

Please follow the button combinations shown below in order to reset your TCL Roku TV:

To begin, quickly hit the ‘Home’ button five times on your remote control.
After then, make one press of the ‘Up’ arrow.
After that, make two presses with the ‘Rewind’ button.
In the end, you need to press the “Forward” button twice.
Your TCL Roku TV will automatically power off after a few seconds, and then it will power back on.

If you turn on your television again, the issue should be resolved, and you should be able to start watching TV once more.

Obviously, you will need to go back into the settings and adjust everything so that it is exactly how you want it.

4) Get in touch with the Customer Support team.

If you have already attempted all of the solutions mentioned above, but the problem still exists, you will be required to get in touch with Customer Support.

The majority of the time, software problems can be solved over the phone, but if the issue is related to a hardware problem, it may be necessary for a specialist to manually repair your device.

Make sure that you go to a TCL authorised centre if you need to get your TCL Roku TV serviced.

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