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How to Disconnect Wifi From Dish Hopper?


How To Disconnect WiFi From Dish Hopper?

We are sure that Dish Hopper would appeal to those who enjoy on-demand entertainment. Hopper is a DVR that can store up to two thousand hours (TV shows, movies)

It uses the internet to download and record stuff. It can also be connected to the TV. We have received questions from users asking “How do I disconnect Wi-Fi Dish Hopper?” Let’s see the details below!

Disconnect WiFi from Dish Hopper

We have provided the steps or instructions for anyone who wishes to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection from Dish Hopper. These are the steps:

This method is used to disconnect Wi-Fi from Dish Hopper. The device may be reconnected after the router/modem reboots. Users can also take out the Wi-Fi adapter.

Password Change

Dish Hopper will reconnect to the internet after the internet device has been rebooted using the above method. If you want Dish Hopper to connect automatically, you should change the password. Dish Hopper will not connect to Wi-Fi after the password has been changed.


Some people would like the Dish Hopper not to disconnect from Wi-Fi at a certain time. We recommend that you turn on the timer to set a time. You can also set the connection time and disconnection time by setting the timer. The Wi-Fi connection will automatically be established and disconnected, so you don’t need to worry about it.


Most people are frustrated by having to change their password or connect Dish Hopper with a new one. We recommend that you lock the Dish Hopper device and disable its MAC address. We have provided the following instructions to help you lock the Hopper.

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings on the system and then move to the advanced setting
  • Open the setup tab and click on wireless.
  • Next, add the six-part MAC Address to the open row. This will enable the MAC filtering
  • Make sure the access rule is set for “deny”.
  • Save the settings after you have made your selections

After saving the settings, reboot your internet device (router or modem) to apply them. Rebooting your modem will save the settings, and they will be applied across the entire system. You can unblock your device at any time you wish to connect to the internet. Dish customer service can be reached if you need any assistance.


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